Friday, December 19, 2014

In Wilford Fungus and Gossip Goat We Trust: Wilford and G.G. discuss "In Franco and Rogen We Trust" (the new trailer for "The Interview" movie), and give their take on the whole crazy situation

The Adventures of Kim Jong Un gif

Make no mistake about it, kids.  What we are dealing with in this post is truly a battle between...


Jesus riding a dinosaur and there is a cow and cats gif



You see... it's all about the controversy involving the Seth Rogen and James Franco movie "The Interview"...  a film which is a satire about assassinating North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  Sony has cancelled it's release for the time being, but have still put out this promotional trailer for it:

The Interview New TRAILER - In Franco and Rogen We Trust (2015) Comedy Movie HD.

Luckily, American patriot Wilford Fungus, and celebrity news reporter Gossip Goat were available to make sense of the insanity for us in the latest video at my very own youtube channel. So please check it out below...

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Friday, December 12, 2014

How to Block Someone on Facebook at Christmas Time (The Ultimate Article AND Videos)

THE HOLIDAYS SUCK!!! gid  (see PSYCHO KID ruins Thanksgiving dinner)

Hello again, dear friends.  The holiday season is in full swing, but quite frankly, there are millions of people out there who don't exactly have the Christmas spirit...

TommyWiseau loses it in "The Room"

If that is an accurate description of you, I am here to tell you to SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

Captain Kirk slaps Spock gif

Things could be a lot worse.  They could be MUCH worse...


All your friends and family could be BLOCKING you at Facebook.  Though, maybe they would like to, but just don't know how.  Well, as they would say in Austalia "no worries, mate!" (Hi,Michael D'Agostino!), because Facebook has put out a tutorial on How to Block Someone just in time for the Christmas/Holiday season!

"feels bad, man" frog gets blocked at facebook

And my youtube channel has put out a video just in time to review it.  So here it is:

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"feels bad, man" frog set to Neil Diamond soundtrack

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Neil Breen is King of the Silver Screen (and Dax Flame is King of YouTube)

walrus vs. polar bear gif

Welcome back, true believers.  This week we take a peak into the mind of one the most unique movie makers in recent memory. 

OBVIOUSLY I am talking about none other than the director of extraordinary motion pictures such as "Fateful Findings",  "Double Down", and "I Am Here..Now"...  a Mr. Neil Breen.

newly invented PAUL WILLIAMS IS SKEPTICAL MEME (I sure hope this takes off)

But you don't have to take my word for it, just watch this week's episode of THROCKMORTON FUNGUSLEAVES ULTIMATE DANCE PARTY AND EXCITING CHANNEL AND MOVIE REVIEWS via my very own youtube channel...

Neil Breen in "I Am Here...Now" gif


And if that wasn't enough good news for you, the legendary Dax Flame has finally returned to youtube...


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