Friday, May 22, 2015

Taylor Swift's BAD BLOOD... the Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry Feud Inspires an Amazing Music Video (FAKE FRIENDS GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!! #PancakesDontFixBulletHoles)

see:  Fake Friends (Tomodachi Life "Bye Fake Friends" parody)

You may remember when Michael G D'Agostino of A Life Examined requested that I make a video about the falling out between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.  Welp, at the time who would have thunk that this Michael had his paw on the very pulse of the psychic imagination of the celebrity industrial complex, but he did, and the story of Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry has become bigger than even I ever hypothesized that it could be.

Katy Perry & Taylor Swift in happier times (also pictured: Selena Gomez & Hayley Williams)

Now, don't ask me who is to blame for the rift between these 2 queens of pop...

Christopher Walken; "I don't know." ("Ed Glosser: Trivial Psychic" gif)

because I don't know.

Katy Perry as Pepe the Frog & Taylor Swift as Wojack

What I do know is that there was some sort of betrayal...


Jimmies got severely rustled...

jimmy rustler

And Taylor Swift made this video...

And I made this video (with the help of Wilford Fungus and Burpy Bear)...

And that shall end this week's journey through the internets.  Thank you all for your support and remember... pancakes don't fix bullet holes... or is it band-aids?... ehh, whatever... who cares.



Stay classy, Chicago!

Monday, April 27, 2015

THE VERY BEST OF PEPE THE FROG: Pepe the Frog Memes... "sad frog", "feels bad man", "smug frog", "Angry Pepe", Pepe & Wojak, "well meme'd" etc. etc. etc.

Pepe the frog "Pepe Brings the Memes" gif (created by an unknown genius)
UPDATE:  I think I found the original source of this amazing gif Pepe Brings the Memes

Unless you have been living out on a lily pad in a swamp somewhere, you are well aware that the Pepe the Frog meme has been sweeping the internets, goodness gracious, like a great ball of fire.

Pepe the frog meme (via the internets)

Pepe the Frog memes were inspired by the excellent artwork of Matt Furie via his comic Boy's Club.

the many faces of Pepe the frog (via the internets)

In this post, I am going to bring you what I believe are the best of the best Pepe the Frog memes I could find across the vast expanse of the internets.  I didn't make any of these myself.  All credit goes to the great unsung geniuses of the internets who create these masterpieces so that we may pass them on and all share them with each other.

Pepe theFrog and Wojak from the "feels" meme (hugging)

Pepe the Frog memes often feature a character known as "Wojak."

Pepe the Capitalist Frog

Wojak is named after the handle used by the first person to ever start a "feels" thread on an internet chat board.

Pepe and Wojak in "Saturday Night is No gf Tuesday" meme

The fellow who used the Wojak handle frequently lamented the fact he had no girlfriend or "no gf" during these "feels" threads.

(via the internets)  I don't know if this info is 1000% accurate, but it might help to clarify some of the confusion regarding WOJAK and PEPE memes

Pepe the Frog & Wojak Christmas meme

Pepe and Wojak Valentine's Day

Pepe and Wojak "Nobody, honey.  He's nobody." 

R.I.P. Wojac   goodnight, sweet prince

Pepe visit's Wojak's grave IN MEMORY OF THAT FEEL WHEN NO GF

Pepe the Frog blowing his horn gif

Wojak and Pepe

Pepe and Wojak on the Titanic

FEEL OUT BOY w/ Pepe and Wojak

Although Pepe famously uttered the phrase "feels good man" in Boy's Club, he is most often portrayed as being sad, angry, or smug.

sad Pepe rocking baby Wojak

Pepe sad frog having issues with body image in this creation by an unknown genius

an image of Pepe that was famously used in a Katy Perry tweet

Pepe the Frog in "Reasons to Live"

smug Pepe

angry Pepe

Pepe the Frog "the moment you realized..."

Pepe the Frog "call the cops"

Pepe the Frog FEELS BATMAN meme

sad Pepe "she's the heroine of your story but you're not even a side character in hers"

sad Pepe in the rain

artist's conception of Forever Alone Pepe the Frog

sad Pepe in outer space

Pepe the Frog has suddenly become the Elvis Presley of internet message boards...

Pepe will be kill unless you post in this thread

ahhh memes

And quite possibly the King of all the Internets.


Le Sad Frog in WELL MEME'D movie poster

And that shall end this special emergency episode of the Jimmy Fungus Memecasting Network.

I hope you all enjoyed these memes as much as I did.

Once again, thank you and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Despite Mounting Failures, We Here at Continue to Press On (Chucky C. Chuckles continues his Worldwide Comedy Tour & Dogmorton Fungusleaves invents the RUFF ROLL)

Bert & Ernie gif (I honestly don't know why Bert has not left Ernie after all the messes he has gotten him into over the years)

Welcome back, dear friends.  I continue to carry a lot on my plate... striving to bring you not only exciting memes and gifs week after week... but entertaining youtube videos as well.

Are you ready for them?  (I don't think that you are.)

new MY JIMMIES ARE READY with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Welp, this week we continue the Chucky C. Chuckles world comedy tour (which is being received all over with tepid enthusiasm)...

Chucky C. Chuckles worldwide comedy tour continues

Here is actual footage of Mr. Chuckles's latest performance from my very own youtube channel...

As usual, Chucky provides us with a load of laughs, as well as a load of feels...

feels in the rain (created by an unknown genius)

How excited you must be to find out, however, that wasn't the only video posted on my youtube channel this week...

Rick Astley gif

It was Dogmorton Fungusleaves (Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves's pooch) that pointed out to me,  people can't RICK ROLL each other anymore because frankly,  RICK ROLLING is yesterday's news.

things Rick Astley will NEVER do (via the internets)

So Dogmorton Fungusleaves and I conceived a new version of the RICK ROLL called the RUFF ROLL. If you don't believe me just watch the video below...

So, there ya go.  You can use the RUFF ROLL to troll your friends, neighbors, co-workers... your father, your mother, your brother, your lover...whoever.

Ok, moving on.  Speaking of passing things around, do you remember how I discussed a few weeks earlier that we here at are on a quest to make exciting new memes and pass them around the internets?  Honestly, I didn't think anybody would agree to cooperate with me, but Jax at actually listened to me and spread the "brussel sprouts do a body good" meme around a bit... so, WAY TO GO, JAX!!

Anywho, here is this week's meme featuring Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf...

new Shia LaBeouf meme

And there are many more memes and gifs on the horizon, but they will have to wait until next time, for we are out of time, and out of breath.

the San Diego chicken is devastated after a defeat

Thank you, and goodnight.