Friday, April 24, 2015

Despite Mounting Failures, We Here at Continue to Press On

Bert & Ernie gif (I honestly don't know why Bert has not left Ernie after all the messes he has gotten him into over the years)

Welcome back, dear friends.  I continue to carry a lot on my plate... striving to bring you not only exciting memes and gifs week after week... but entertaining youtube videos as well.

Are you ready for them?  (I don't think that you are.)

new MY JIMMIES ARE READY with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Welp, this week we continue the Chucky C. Chuckles world comedy tour (which is being received all over with tepid enthusiasm)...

Chucky C. Chuckles worldwide comedy tour continues

Here is actual footage of Mr. Chuckles's latest performance from my very own youtube channel...

As usual, Chucky provides us with a load of laughs, as well as a load of feels...

feels in the rain (created by an unknown genius)

How excited you must be to find out, however, that wasn't the only video posted on my youtube channel this week...

Rick Astley gif

It was Dogmorton Fungusleaves (Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves's pooch) that pointed out to me,  people can't RICK ROLL each other anymore because frankly,  RICK ROLLING is yesterday's news.

things Rick Astley will NEVER do (via the internets)

So Dogmorton Fungusleaves and I conceived a new version of the RICK ROLL called the RUFF ROLL. If you don't believe me just watch the video below...

So, there ya go.  You can use the RUFF ROLL to troll your friends, neighbors, co-workers... your father, your mother, your brother, your lover...whoever.

Ok, moving on.  Speaking of passing things around, do you remember how I discussed a few weeks earlier that we here at are on a quest to make exciting new memes and pass them around the internets?  Honestly, I didn't think anybody would agree to cooperate with me, but Jax at actually listened to me and spread the "brussel sprouts do a body good" meme around a bit... so, WAY TO GO, JAX!!

Anywho, here is this week's meme featuring Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf...

new Shia LaBeouf meme

And there are many more memes and gifs on the horizon, but they will have to wait until next time, for we are out of time, and out of breath.

the San Diego chicken is devastated after a defeat

Thank you, and goodnight.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sub for Sub at YouTube... Follow for Follow at Tumblr... Is it COMMUNISM? (A Tutorial Starring Boris Fungus)


Guess what, kids.  I have something for you even more terrifying than SNOW MOOSE....  A new video from my youtube channel!

OH NO YOU DIDN'T meme starring Wilford Fungus

As you may have gathered from the title of this post, the video is a tutorial on how to do sub for sub at YouTube, and follow for follow at Tumblr... 

communist doge

Yes, yes...  I know a lot of you are asking the question,  "Does doing sub for sub, or follow for follow make me a communist?"  Welp, I hope this video will put your mind at ease...

That's right.  You should never have to give up your dream of becoming YouTube or Tumblr famous because someone calls you a communist!


Now shall we end today's entry with SONG OF THE DAY...

Once again, thank you and please support your local zoo.


And remember...  only you can prevent COMMUNISM!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hope Springs Eternal for Chicago Cubs Fans in 2015

the infamous play in the 2003 National League playoffs in which Steve Bartman interferes with Moises Alou (newfangled computer technology was used to remove the rest of the crowd, so you could focus only on Bartman and Alou)  see Catching Hell: The Steve Bartman Story

Hello again everybody, this is Jimmy Fungus.  Recently, due to my severe melancholia, I have stopped following much of the sports world.   However, I have been a diehard Cubs fan most of my life.  I don't recommend it at all.  The Cubs are cursed.  Statistically speaking there is no way to explain why they have not won a championship in over 100 years, other than the fact that they are cursed.  In fact, I think some of the curse rubbed off onto me...  Either that or I was cursed to begin with and by being a Cubs fan, I made the Cubs curse even worse.

"It hurts to live" meme (via the internets)

Welp, whatever.  Here's this week's video...

Katie Couric's triumphant appearance on "The Late Late Show" with James Corden

And so we tumble gracefully into our next topic.  The other day I came up with the idea to do a video at my very own youtube channel on the best internet memes in the history of the internets.  But being that such a video will be a massive undertaking, I decided to work on it a little bit at a time.  I could make exciting new memes... put them here on, tag each post "internet memes"...  then in 9 years or so go back through all the posts and make the video.


new STAY PUFT meme

Okay, there are 2 new memes.  So pass them around so they become famous by the time I make that video.  And this video below is part of this week's memes too, so go and spread that around like it's the bubonic plague as well. (Incidentally, it is also the first ever episode of Funguspiece Theater on youtube.)

God bless you all, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Good night.