Saturday, July 28, 2007

Google and Youtube Control the Universe (NOT Andy Richter!!!)

Well, after watching another enthralling episode of Charlie Rose (or some show in that vein), I started to consider what power the Googles and the Myspaces and the Youtubes have over our universe. Sure they may be kinder and gentler than the Standard Oil men and quasi-monopolies of years past, but what if one day they decide to use this massive power no longer for good but as Austin Power's nemesis would say, for...eeeeeeeevil?

Which leads me to my next rant...I stumbled across this "blog" at which in one post debated about what actually constitutes a "blog." Chow writes:

"What Markus seems to be getting at is you’re only a blog if you’re a one-man operation and do everything yourself. In other words, you stay small. If your blog become super popular to the point where you need to hire a CEO to help run it (as TechCrunch did), you are no longer a blog. Instead, you are a media company.
While I agree that the TechCrunch network is a media company, I believe that TechCrunch itself is still a blog. TTZ Media Inc. owns John Chow dot Com. TTZ Media is a media company but John Chow dot Com is still a blog. How many people a blog employs shouldn’t be a factor on whether it’s a blog or not. "

As Al Sharpton would say, "Welll, welll, welll!" (Or at least that's what that the Al Sharpton talking head thingy on the Conan Obrien Show would say.) Welll, welll ,wellll! Is there no fabric of American life too sacred for corporate America to take it's diabolical little scissors to!? Must they do to blogs what Taco Bell has done to burritos?? I mean come on!

Seriously! COME ON!!!


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