Friday, November 9, 2007

Ron Paul on Fire

On November 5th , presidential candidate Ron Paul, who up till recently was routinely mocked by the mainstream media for having no chance of winning, raised over $4 million in one day, which is apparently some kind of record as far as presidential fundraising is concerned. His supporters ingeniously had interwoven Paul's anti-government message with Guy Fawkes day, the anniversary of an anarchist's attempt to blow up British Parliament. But perhaps more familiarly with the theme of the 2005 movie "V for Vendetta" which has lines in it such as "The people shouldn't fear their government...the government should fear it's people." Anyway, if these recent developments don't have the ruling class quaking in their boots yet, it's at least giving them a mild case of athlete's foot fungus. Well, we will see what happens.

The plot thickens...

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