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Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Mass Patrolling the Web Won't Work

When Al Gore and Lord Picklejar, the archduke of Hell, invented the Internet, I wonder if they had any idea how rattled the various multimedia conglomerates would be, by this mass influx of new technology, and the effects it would have on their businesses. I think if you look at it from a commonsensical point of view, embracing the new technology is the way to go, rather than having government and corporations trying to police every nook and cranny of the World Wide Web. I know when I find a song or video or whatever on the Internet that is "free", and then I come back later to find it has been taken down because of a claim of copyright infringement, I don't run out to the store and spend 15 bucks to own the authentic article. Usually, I just surf around to find something else that is available for "free." Or maybe I'm just cheap. What do YOU think?



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