Friday, May 30, 2008

Political Star Trek 2: The Search for McCain's Running Mate

mccain-hatIn my last entry, I discussed possible candidates who could be Barack Obama's vice presidential running mate. In this entry we will do the same for the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain, and see what we can come up with, if anything.

PhotobucketJohn McCain has a reputation for being a maverick, and everyone knows a maverick needs a good sidekick. Well, I guess actually they don't need a sidekick, but even the Lone Ranger had Tonto, so who would be a complimentary choice for John McCain?

McCain needs a right-wing pit bull. Someone who will meet with the approval of the Rush Limbaughs and the Anne Coulters. Someone who will BARK and FIGHT, so the older, more mature McCain doesn't have to. Someone like this young and handsome version of Bill Oreilly, bantering with his producer in this video found at Barely Political. (WARNING: OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE USED BY OREILLY!)
PhotobucketNow, in McCain's case he may indeed want a relatively young man for this job. However, in some cases when presidential candidates choose someone to balance out the ticket, they don't want to choose someone who will outshine them too much. They may want to pick someone who is smart, but not TOO smart if you catch my drift. So, perhaps a better choice would be conservative radio talk show host Kevin James who can be seen here in his appearance on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews: Some people have said that Kevin James looked bad in this exchange with Chris "knowitall" Matthews. However, please consider how far Kevin James has gotten in life, and how rich and successful he has become despite not having any idea what he's talking about. That is a real achievement, and could be quite a useful skill in the world of politics, and for that I salute him. That being said, I think the main issue in this election will be the economy, and to deal with that problem we will need someone not only with a keen mind for managing money, but also a talent for marketing and promoting the new administration's polices. Which brings us back once again to the effervescent and always enlightening Daxflame. Pay attention at 2:25 when Dax says, "If someone says 'If you give me $2 million I'll give you $4 billion' you accept it! And that's what I'm offering!" Which couldn't be more true. Imagine how fast young Daxflame would balance the budget, and have us out of this economic tumoil putting these ideas into practice. So as this 2 part series called Political Star Trek: The Search for Running Mates comes to it's conclusion, this is what we have learned:

1.) The ideal running mate for Barack Obama is...Daxflame.


2.) The ideal running mate for John McCain is...Daxflame.

That is all for now. God bless you and thank you for your support.


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