Saturday, May 24, 2008

Political Star Trek 1: The Search For Obama's Running Mate

Will Hillary be Barack Obama's running mate? "The Audacity of Nope."

Being that having Hillary Clinton as your running mate in a presidential race would be sort of like sharing a ticket with Lucy from Peanuts, I am guessing that this will not happen. So what are the traits and characteristics of a proper running mate for Barack Obama, that will help balance out the ticket?

What is needed is someone to counterbalance Obama's youth and supposed inexperience, to assuage the doubts of the American people. A wise elder, a learned master like Yoda, who can educate young Barack in the ways of "the force." Please see the accompanying film found at youtube, "The Empire Strikes Barack":

Al GoreBut not only must this Vice Presidential pick have the qualities of wisdom and experience, but must be someone who has the unwavering admiration of the American people. Somebody who understands the complexities and intricacies of issues like global warming, and the geopolitical ramifications of all United States policies on such important matters. Al Gore has already occupied the office of vice president, but perhaps a younger, fresher, more handsome version of Al Gore. Perhaps someone like Daxflame (aka Bernice Juach, aka Madison Patrello). Please view the related clip below concerning the response of humanity to the urgent issue of climate change:

This is a choice which can not be taken lightly, as the selection of a Vice Presidential running mate is one of the key decisions a candidate will make, and is a great indicator of not only a presidential candidate's political judgment, but their ability to size up someone's character, ability, and quality of leadership, which will be so crucial in helping our nation to get back on track. Please stay tuned to this blog for the second installment in this series...


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