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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mr. Harold Camping vs. Dr. James White: Clash of Theological Titans

Well, I know what you are all thinking: "Jimmy Fungus, what the hell is this entry about? Who the hell are Harold Camping and Dr. James White?" Ok, well, just calm down because I am going to tell you.

Harold Camping is one of the most famous Bible teachers in the world. He is President and General Manager of Family Radio which can be heard at and is also the host of the Open Forum radio program. He is also famous because he says, "Thank you for calling and sharing, now may we take our next caller please..." When Harold Camping was a naive young man of 72 (or something like that) he wrote a book called "1994" predicting the end of the world. Well, if you haven't heard, Harold Camping screwed up, because the world did not end in 1994. But that's ok, everyone makes mistakes. (Oh come on, like you have never predicited the end of the world, and got it wrong...don't be so judgmental.) To understand more about who Harold Camping is and what the hell he is all about, please see the following video posted by John and Michelle Dougher at youtube. John and Michelle thought it would be a good "idear" to post this video at youtube, and I would have to say, they were certainly right about that. Here it is:


...for some unknown reason John and Michelle Dougher took down their wonderful Harold Camping video (dammit), but is another video of the Harold Camping program...that will have to do.
Well, ok now...on with our story... Dr. James R. White thinks that Harold Camping is a big jerk, because Harold Camping preaches that the "church age" is over, which led Dr. White to author the book Dangerous Airwaves: Harold Camping Refuted and Christ's Church Defended. Dr. James White is a professional pastor, and director of Alpha and Omega ministries which you can learn more about at . He is not famous or anything, but he does look a lot like former Minnesota governor Jesse "the Body" Ventura. Jesse Ventura Recently, Governor Ventura, err, I mean Dr. James White, and Mr. Harold Camping met in a debate, in which they did battle over Harold Camping's very controversial teachings about the end of the "church age", and the end of the world. (Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Now, Mr. Harold Camping says the world will not end in the year 1994, but in May something, 2011. So be sure not to schedule any family picnics on that day.) This very violent and fiery debate can be heard at the Iron Sharpens Iron blog here: Harold Camping Debates Dr. James White (Part One) and here: Harold Camping Debates Dr. James White (Part Two)


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