Thursday, October 22, 2009

More on the continuing saga of Michael Moore, Early Lady Gaga footage unearthed; also the Awesome Man,and the awesome band (Patto)

 More on Moore

As we begin today's trip through the blogosphere, we continue to follow Michael Moore's furious quest to reform America's economic system.  This interview with Charlie Rose will tell you everything you wanted to know about Michael Moore but didn't get the chance to ask.  At the very end of the interview, Moore issues a cautionary warning to President Obama...saying that if he fails to bring real change, the young voters who supported him so strongly may be so discouraged they will disengage from the political process for good.

This and other news events prompted renegade economist Max Keiser to call for a worker's revolution from his underground bunker in Paris. 

"The American peasants have got to be the stupidest people in the world today...They don't mind becoming peasants...they don't mind living like peasants...And if that's the case, we should do nothing to stop them from sliding into the peasant class," Max proclaimed while he frothed at the mouth. (see YouTube - Max Keiser - Face Off - "Is the Crisis Over?" (1/2))

Well, I am sure Max Keiser was just being facetious.  He knows we mind; he was just trying to wake us up.  Thanks, Max.  I needed that.


(posted at youtube by biggledCAL)Wazzzzuppppp!!!!???? Here is some nifty footage of the pop superstar Lady Gaga performing back when she was just little old Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.  It is quite stunning what a transformation has taken place since then.  In an interview with investigative reporter Paris Hilton, Gaga reveals some of the secrets behind the metamorphosis.  (See YouTube - Paris Hilton meets Lady Gaga at the Nokia 5800 Launch )  David Bowie was a big influence on her, which explains the wackey, far out outfits, and some of the publicity stunts.  It is reported that back in the 70's Bowie told the press he was bisexual, which it turns out (so it is said) was simply to make himself seem more mysterious.  Well, you may have heard rumors around the internets that Lady Gaga has said in an interview she is a hermaphrodite.  So, let me be the first one to blow that rumor right out of the water... I think the pattern of evidence we have available here proves that is merely a publicity stunt.  And I have one more brief point, so don't go anywhere...  Although Lady Gaga's talent is unmistakable, there has been some criticism from the peanut gallery that her songs are superficial and not very deep, and that the message is not a good one.  Well, keep in mind, a lot of early Beatles music was also not particularly deep either, and we all know the end to that story.  So, let's all just keep an eye on this pop phenomenon known as Lady Gaga, and see how it plays out.  I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

Not Awesome Man, Awesome Band

A lot of people have been wondering what that song is used in the Seth Rogen movie "Observe and Report" (and also featured prominently in the trailer, see YouTube - Observe and Report Trailer )  that sounds like "awesome maaaan...AWESOOME MAAAAN."

Well, the song is not called "Awesome Man", but rather "The Man" by the extremely underrated English 70's band Patto.

The Man by Patto on Grooveshark

"It's a fool that never sees it's time to lose

But he has to run to win some peace of mind

It's the law that puts me down for what I am

Yeah, lest I dare to kick against their mighty plan

It's my belief that good will win through in the end

That keeps me smiling as I use another day

It's the man with a new car and a smile

Who takes my money for the thing I most desire

I saw the man

I saw the man, and he saw me alright"

For more information on the band Patto, go here the P A T T O website.

That will conclude another delightful day at Funguzz Vizzion aka  Once again God bless you, and thank you for your support.


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