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Lady Gaga vs. Stefani Germanotta, and the Fungus Top 5 Underrated Female Artists

Exciting news, ladies and germs...Lady Gaga's new video "Bad Romance" (which will be featured on her CD Fame Monster) is out and it is quite a massive production.  (SEE ALSO:

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She has her share of detractors, but Gaga is nonetheless poised to be the biggest music superstar since Michael Jackson. She is endowed with superhuman talent...(she sings, writes her own songs, posseses dance moves which surpass her professional background dancers, and even plays piano).  Among her major influences, she lists the Beatles, David Bowie, Queen, Blondie, Elton John, Talking Heads, and the White Stripes...and perhaps is capable of outshining all of these acts.  Which is the way it should be, music should always be getting better...not worse.  Like the Beatles got America out of it's malaise of grief after the Kennedy assasination, and Michael Jackson rejuvenated our enthusiasm when the economy was initially not looking so hot in 1982 and 83...Lady Gaga comes along at a time when America surely needs a good shot in the arm.

However, one mystery even more perplexing than what is under her slacks, is the Christian symbolism found in the new CD cover and video.  The T in "Fame Monster" seems to be a Christian cross, and at around 3:18 in the "Bad Romance" video Gaga makes a dance movement that resembles the sign of the cross taught to Roman Catholic school children.  Critiqued by some for being too superficial musically, could there be more substance beneath the surface here than anyone imagined?

Perhaps all one need to do is consult the Clark Kent half of the Superman alter ego, and listen to what Lady Gaga's early work sounded like when she was known as Stefani Germanotta.  (SEE: YouTube - Stefani Germanotta - Words (Exclusiva/Exclusive), YouTube - Stefani Germanotta - Something Crazy (Exclusiva/Exclusive), YouTube - Stefani Germanotta - Wish You Were Here (Exclusiva/Exclusive), YouTube - Stefani Germanotta - Red and Blue (Exclusiva/Exclusive)This material seems much deeper, and reveals a far more sensitive side of Gaga.  And what's even more telling is that ALL of these songs are good, which indicates what kind of immense Lennon/McCartney like songwriting talent we are dealing with here.

So who do you like better...Lady Gaga or Stefani Germanotta?

But anyway, I digress... Now, it's time for:


Roisin Murphy

Not in any particular order, let's start with Roisin Murphy...formerly of the electronic pop duo Moloko.  She is originally from Ireland, and is not nearly as well known in the U.S.A. as in Europe...which is a crying shame.  I am struck not only by the quality of her songs, but her creativity, style, and charisma.  Check out "Overpowered" and "Movie Star" below:


Movie Star

Bat for Lashes

Next up is British alternative rocker Natasha Khan, who goes by the stage name "Bat for Lashes."  Khan plays several instruments, and is a talented songwriter...but stands out most for her uniqueness and originality.  Two of her most creative videos are YouTube - Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do? and YouTube - Bat For Lashes - Sleep Alone (HD).

What's a Girl to Do

Katie Melua

Next on the list, is British singer/songwriter Katie Melua, who has also had considerable success in Europe, but is not exactly a household name in the United States.  Check out her video "I Cried for You" which according to some interpretations is supposed to be about the relationship between Mary Magdalena and Jesus.  (Despite the theme in this one video Katie is not really categorized as a Christian contemporary artist, however.) 

I Cried For You

"I cried for you..and the sky cried for you...and when you went, I became a hopeless drifter....But this life was not for you...though I learned from you...that beauty need only be a whisper."

Mindy Smith

Our next underrated female artist is folk/rock/Christian contemporary singer/songwriter Mindy Smith who is best known for her song "Come to Jesus."  (SEE Funguzz Vizzion: Mindy Smith for more on that.Another song written and sung by her that I really admire is her "One Moment More" which is dedicated to her mother who passed away, and is a song that should move you if you have lost anyone in any way, for any reason..."it's just enough to see a shooting know you're never really far..."

One Moment More

Terra Naomi

And perhaps the most underrated artist on the list is Terra Naomi, who despite being one of the best singer/songwriters on the planet is not close to being a household name (but hopefully that will change).  Some of her best songs remain largely unknown to most mainstream music fans.  Check out two of my personal favorites below "Never Quite Discussed" and "Close to your Head."

Never Quite Discussed

Close to Your Head

Well, kids...that will end today's voyage through the blogosphere. I think that you most likely learned a great deal, and hopefully I turned you on to some good music you may not have been aware of. Please tune in again next time...same Fungus time,...same Fungus channel. Once again, God bless you and thank you for your support.
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