Monday, May 23, 2011

HAROLD CAMPING SPEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The good news: doomsday prophet and world media superstar Harold Camping has finally come forth to show his face to the world.

The bad news...he didn't see his shadow, so it means six more weeks of winter.

Noo, nooo...but seriously folks. Rumor has it that Camping will face the music today, and give a statement. Will, he make it on his show the Open Forum? Will he take phone calls? Does he have a plan B? Only TIME will tell. Stay tuned to this Fungus station for updates on all things Camping!

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  1. Harold's clearly off his meds! He's completely crazy or the most brilliant scammer ever.

    I wanna know what happens to all his followers who sold their houses, quit their jobs, and spent their life savings on this whole thing.

    "Mr Camping's radio network is reported to be worth between $US70 million and $US120 million.
    In 2009, it reported receiving $US18.3 million in donations, with assets of more than $US104 million, including $US34 million in stocks or other publicly traded securities.
    He's got thousands of followers, he's worth a fortune and he wrongly predicted the end of the world - twice."
    (Read more:

    Surely he'll give his followers their money back in some sort of post-Apocalyptic refund program?

    He should go on Oprah and explain himself. That or I'm sure Jimmy Kimmel would welcome him.

    Hmm.. yep. Maybe the apocalypse IS coming... just for him.

  2. uhh no interviews, uhh wait... no no interviews....

  3. LOL he doesn't want to give interviews because he embarrassed himself!

  4. LOL I seen this morning that he claims now it was an invisible end of the world and we are all doomed now in October because he screwed his math up. lol My goodness.

  5. Yeah, Brother Harold actually held a press conference in which he stated that... I will update this blog and link to it if I can find it somewhere on the interwebs.