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Sunday, November 6, 2011

ULTRACHRIST, Emma Stone, President Jesse Ventura?, and the coming Zombie Apocalypse

"Friday" starring R.B. Rebecca Black

Well, I wanted to start posting something every single day starting on Friday,...but THAT, sadly, did not occur...As you can see, it's already Sunday.  So, I have a number of things to talk about (yippy!)...a virtual scrambled omelet of blogginess.  A scrambled blogolet, if you will.  So, let's get on with it, shall we?
My exciting weekend began by using my over priced Netflix membership to watch the very low budget, yet strangely satisfying independent film "ULTRACHRIST."  This movie does not exactly portray Jesus in either a reverent, or even respectful manner.  But, by the same token, is at least not demonically blasphemous.  It is a rather humorous, and satirical take on modern day pop the film makers view it anyway.  If you are like me, and have nothing better to do than weep in your own pool of tepid will help you get through approximately the next hour and thirty minutes of your melancholy existence.

Emma Stone in "Paper Man"
I also rented "Paper Man" which kind of disappointed me, as a film,...but  nonetheless is a good excuse to talk about Emma Stone, who's performance was first rate.  Kind of reminiscent of Jodie Foster's performances when she was around her age.  I do believe we will be seeing a lot of good work from this fine young actress for a long time to come. 

the legendary Boxxy
 And now for something completely different.  Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has given the strongest indications yet that he will indeed run for President.  (Oh.  I couldn't find a suitable picture of Gov. Ventura, so i just posted a pic of Boxxy.)  Outraged over the dismissal of his lawsuit against the TSA, and an American justice system he views as broken, Ventura said, "The only way that I could change it I guess would be to run for president and win it!  Is that what it will take?"    Welpers, if you want to hear the whole press conference, it is quite an amazing oratorical performance by the Governor...listen below...

And so the plot thickens.....

And that shall end yet another thrilling ride through the blogosphere.  Remember to tune in again next time...same Fungus time...same Fungus channel...   (or something like that.)

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