Friday, January 27, 2012

Max Keiser wants to "Kill Hollywood"

Max Keiser with his sunglasses on... like a Boss
In the latest episode of the Keiser Report entitled "Kill Hollywood!", renegade economist Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert interpret the controversy over SOPA as a battle, in fact a "civil war", especially in California between silicone valley, on the side of technology and free speech, and old guard oligarchic Hollywood (the MPAA and the RIAA) who want a "copyright cartel" in Max's view to put a "muzzle on free speech" to maintain their monopoly.

Max and Stacy go on to say, that the internet has especially become enemy number one to the American government since Mubarak was overthrown in Egypt. SOPA and PIPA were taken down with "lightning speed" thanks to social media, in the same way Mubarak the dictator was in Egypt.

Max also discusses what he sees as a "Mubrak style crackdown" on the internet from the U.S. government recently, and weighs the pros and cons of "perpetual copyright vs. open free communications", and talks about the connections between SOPA, and the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which could lead to the "indefinite detention of American citizens" in the event of civil unrest brought on by an economic calamity. Here is the episode:

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  1. Good for him for speaking out about internet censorship.