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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Does God Exist?: Mysteries of the Universe Unraveled (Episode No. well whatever episode number it is)

Hello again, true believers.  It is time again for another lovely episode of "Mysteries of the Universe Unraveled."  I thought I would fire off this very important entry while I still have my mojo, and then I will respond to your comments, questions, videos, letters, e-mails, voicemails, text messages, and all other such communications. 

Today we will be tackling the question: "Does God exist?" and instead of me giving my opinion, I will supply you with the views and commentaries of some well known, and others not so well known philosophers across the internets.  So, how did I pick these particular videos?  I was feeling kind of tired and depressed when I wrote this, so I discussed various factors in my brain like..."I hope this video is not too long, because I don't feel like watching a really long video right now."  and  "Will people actually find this information beneficial and life enriching?"

Ok, then...  Let's learn a little bit more.  On with our mini-parade of interweb philosphers and thought makers...

The Amazing Atheist

It was like 4 in the morning when I was watching I am not sure I exactly understand what theAmazingAtheist is talking about here, but I am assured that it is one of his most amazing oratorical performances of all I hope you find some value here, even if you do not wholeheartedly agree with what he says.


Kabane the Christian

KabanetheChristian is perhaps the most competent spokesman for Christianity on all of the internets, because he combines the unusual qualities of being both intelligent, and not nuts. This video isn't one of his finest moments, but if you check him out on youtube, he makes some good arguments.


One thing that I have learned in my studies, is that trashing God, or belief in God is a very good way to pick up chicks. I have not done any field research on this, but I think you might also need cool hair, or maybe need to paint your finger nails black, or something in that vein, before you try this. I don't think that is the reason Greg Onision came to his views on God and religion, but he certainly has a large young female fan base to show for his efforts. Anywho, I suppose he makes some decent arguments. I don't know if he could quite go toe to toe with Kabane the Chrisitan in a least not without strangling him at some point...but he makes some decent arguments.

The Bdonksi

The Bdonski asks us "The Late Night Question"...and things are about to get intense. Also, I think he is Lisa Nova's brother if that means anything to you.

Lord Picklejar

This first installment in the Great Lectures in Evil series, is essential viewing as far as I'm, if you are too damn lazy to watch any of these other videos, I strongly recommend you watch this one.

Chris Humphrey

I am being completely serious when I say that not since Christ walked the earth has someone given a more succint, or compelling explanation of how to live a good life, and make the world a better place, than Chris Humphrey in his video "People's lives are the important thing."


I include this video mainly because Dax was so good at teaching me things I did not know, and also so I had an excuse to repost this...

Well, I suppose I will just leave it at that, and let others draw their own conclusions.  I hope you found this entry helpful...and if it was too information packed..well, just bookmark it, and come back some other time in the future when your brain cools down.  Once again, thank you dear friends.  Courage!


  1. Well I'm an agnostic and I stick by the facts that I've gathered over the years.

    Everyone is technically agnostic, because there is no one that can KNOW 100% if a god exists. One can BELIEVE, but one cannot KNOW. So, it really depends on the person. To claim to KNOW or NOT KNOW that such a being exists is egotistical IMO.

    The thing that puzzles me is that in the two most extremist religions (Christianity & Islam) say that their prophet was the real messenger of god. That they brought the message of peace, love and benevolence.

    For me, I don't care who the messenger is, did they get the message?

    1. Ahhh...yes. Reminds me of the final speech in the movie "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter" where Jesus says (paraphrasing), "I'm not important. The message is important."

  2. I was an atheist before I watched these videos and I'm an atheist after.

    So does god exist? Does it matter? Does asking people this question solve this question?

    1. No...but it is a good excuse to write a blog that mentions both Daxflame and Lord Picklejar. How often does one get the opportunity to do that?

    2. True. Will you be making more post on religion? Though talking about religion answers question about it like chewing bubble gum solves algebra equations! I do enjoy discusing it! like having sex with a condom, pointless but fun!

    3. Absolutely, Bersercules. Just stay tuned.

  3. It's like a big insurance scheme...
    If the Atheists are right then nothing happens when you die...and as a Christian you'll never know.
    If Christians are right then God does exist and all the Atheists are screwed...

    But for me there's a whole lot of great philosophy from what Jesus said...

  4. I loved Daxflames video, he made so many good points and we should do things like that. Human lives are the important thing, and no one seems to get this. I love Picklejar as always, that dude is evil. Peace is so gay. As for souls and the afterlife, I think one generally accepted theory/belief regarding them is that they are like a backup, like AA said, and when you get to the afterlife you are provided with an exact copy of your body. So say if you lost an arm, or another body part, or where mentally deranged or retarded, you would have a perfect body to live in. It is our experience and memories that make us who we are, I don't think of that as a copy, I do think of it as an extension. If we lost our memories and our experiences, then it would just be a copy.

  5. Yay! It looks like you added pictures to the post!

    Hail Satan! I love the Telletubbies!




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