Friday, February 17, 2012

I Got Tagged Again (Dammit with a capital D!), and my FIRST GIF EVER


Well, dang it, I got tagged again.... I was already tagged and have dodged some previous taggings but Aysh of tagged me, and obeyed all the rules (except the one about not tagging people that have already been tagged), and seemed excited about it and alright CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! BTW, what you see up there is the first gif I have ever made... So, this is a momentous occasion indeed.

Ok, I am not gonna post the rules again..and nobody wants to hear 11 random things about me...So, I will just answer the questions...  Here we go...

  1. If you could change one thing about yourself physically, what would you change? I would like to be physically stronger...mainly for self defense purposes.
  2. If you had to choose one song to listen to everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be? "Harmony" by Elton John
  3. If a wizard randomly appeared, and offered you the gift of immortality, would you take it and why? I realized the other day while writing my article about the existence of God, that I had lost all desire to live for eternity. I will just be thankful to make it through the rest of this life honestly. So God can no longer hang that "I won't let you into heaven" thing over my head anymore. Though I suppose He can still hang the "I'm sending you to hell forever" thing over my head.
  4. If you could be one character from a book/comic/movie, who would you be? Superman
  5. Red lorry or Yellow lorry? Wat?
  6. What's your favourite type of food (curry, chinese, italian etc.) All food is fine with me.
  7. Are some people born evil, or is it a learnt behaviour? I don't know. If Hitler hadn't had a really hard life, I think he probably just would have been a huge jerk, instead of the most evil guy who ever lived. Environment exacerbates the problem I think.
  8. Who is your hero? Why? Anyone who puts others before themselves is a hero. We seldom hear about them, because they are very humble, so I don't really know any names here.
  9. What was your favourite subject in school? History
  10. Do you think animals have consciousness like we humans do? Do they have a sense of selfhood, and are they aware of their feelings and experiences? I hope not, because then it is kinda mean to eat them.
  11. Do you believe Aliens? I will refer you to Ancient Aliens expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on that one.

    Alright kids...I'm gonna call it a day. Remember to keep your feet on the ground...and keep reaching for the stars...

    Or something like that.


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