Friday, March 16, 2012

Bersercules gives me the Lobster Award (also Svengoolie, Bibleman, Thundarr the Barbarian, Chewbaca, and Ookla the Mok)

"Lobsterman for President" via the New Hampshire Political Library

Well, this is a very exciting time at Funguzz Vizzion, because Bersercules (the Berserk Herc) of hoisted upon me the very prestigious "Lobster Award."

Oh, just kidding!  I know it is not called the Lobster Award.  It is the "Lieber Award" most likely named after former Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lieber....  And I am glad to get it.  If you can not get a World Series ring, it is the next best thing.

But, I digress.  Mainly what I wanted to talk about in this entry was the Berserk Herc's movie review  show.  Hmmm, now what can I compare Bersercules' show to, to give the huddled masses across the internets more of an idea what they are getting into...?

Well, if you are in the Chicagoland area you might liken his show to "The Son of Svengoolie" program.

Or another show that comes to mind is Mystery Science Theater 3000 which Bersercules actually did a brief review of Mystery Science Theater 3000 review by Bersercules - YouTube ...

But really, these shows are missing the passion of the Bersercules show.  The Berserk Herc really gets angry when a show or movie is REALLY bad.  And why not?...  Mozart died penniless, but some numbskull is living in a mansion in Beverly Hills with a beautiful wife, for producing or writing some show or movie that could have easily been created by a van full of mentally challenged, hairy, drooling, baboon children?  This hardly seems fair.  When so many starving artists, who actually have talent, are destined to be forever drowned in the quicksands of endless obscurity, while no talent doofuses are allowed to propagate their sad excuse for creativity to sometimes millions of people...we can understand why so much passion goes into Bersercules reviews.

OK, ok, ok, ok...without further are two of my favorite Bersercules' shows...

The first one is another tale in the continuing saga of Bibleman.  I don't really need to tell you anything more about it.  Just watch below...

And this show so moved me, I was inspired to make this Bibleman gif. I guess I am sort of like Bibleman...I felt lead to make it.
Bibleman: "Jesus said you are the light of the world."

Thank you, Lord.

One of my other favorite episodes of the Bersercules showgram is his review of the old Saturday morning cartoon show Thundarr the Barbarian.  Check it out below:

Bersercules points out some of the similarities, or more like some of the rip-offs from the Star Wars saga in "Thundarr the Barbarian." For example, Thundarr uses a light saber, and then there is this guy...

Ookla the Mok
Thundarr's loyal sidekick Ookla the Mok.  Now whooo does he remind you of???

Well, guess what! This entry is about to get even more exciting because Bersercules review of Thundarr inspired me to make this gif based on what I thought was the funniest part of his review...

"Ookla... you might have to fly this bird!"

Alright, alright...  I think that will end our exciting journey for today. 

Once again, God bless you all, and thank you for your support.


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