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"Hot Problems" by Double Take (the Unofficial Official Article): This post is SUPER HOT

King Henry of Henry 8.0 a BBC comedy
Yes...well, Bersercules isn't the only one who uses that line, it seems....AND thanks to a new video sweeping the internets, soon the whole nation  will be saying, "WTF!?" 

Hot Problems (official single)

"Hot Problems" Double Take gif via

the likes/dislikes bar for "Hot Problems" by Double Take is RED hot..oh wait..RED means "dislike"..oops,..that's BAD

Anywho, a recurring series of articles we have here at HTTP://JIMMYFUNGUS.COM is called "What the HELL is going on in this music video!?"  I would have to say this "Hot Problems" by Double Take video almost required the most thorough investigation ever conducted here at Funguzz Vizzion, to figure out exactly what is going on in this crazy short musical motion picture.  Luckily, ABC's Good Morning America already has looked into the matter, and they tracked down this tandem that calls themselves Double Take, to see if they are insane, or what the heck is exactly wrong with these 2 girls.  SEE:  Is 'Hot Problems' by Double Take the New 'Friday' by Rebecca Black?: 'GMA'

And so, it becomes inevitable that the knee-jerk anti-Rebecca Black media will make their comparisons between Double Take, and America's sweetheart R.B. Rebecca Black.  Though, I will give Good Morning America credit for finally admitting in this report that "Friday" by Rebecca Black is a "musical masterpiece" (damn straight!), but they got wrong that "Friday" had 28 million views.  It had way over 100 million views before it was initially pulled down in a dispute between R.B., and Ark Music Factory, then only to return to the youtube later, like Felix Unger to the home of his boyhood friend Oscar Madison.  But what do you expect...they only get paid a gorillion dollars a year, at Good Morning America, for coming up with this kooky stuff. 


As Fozzie Bear would say if this was the Muppets Movie..moving right along...

If Sprockets was still on the air, "Hot Problems" by Double Take would have a serious chance of being named one of Germany's Most Disturbing Videos...

"Germany's Most Disturbing Home Videos" gif

If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about here, please see the accompanying video below:

sprockets germany's most disturbing videos by pentakatharidis

Alright, enough of that silliness. Back to "Hot Problems" and "Hot Problems" related topics. To date, there have been 118,732 "Hot Problems" parody, response, reply, review etc. and so forth videos...and I would have to say that about 11 or 12 of them are actually pretty good.  Like  Hot Problems SMART PROBLEMS (official single) - Double Take - YouTube by MeganLeeHeart of MeganHeartMusic:

Megan Lee Heart

and here is one of the best cover versions of "Hot Problems" by Double Take to date:

Hot Problems (Double Take Cover) by Hamsters

Now here are the complete list of the other 118,732 "Hot Problems" parody, response, reply, review etc. and so forth videos (give or take a few): Hot Problems - Double Take (Our Video), HOT PROBLEMS ULTIMATE SOLUTION!!! - YouTube , Hot Problems (Double Take Cover) by Afro Brown and Bustin' Leaver - YouTube, Response To Hot Problems Video - YouTube,  Hot Problems (official single) - Double Take - YouTube, HOT PROBLEMS ANIMATED PARODY - YouTube,  Double Take - Hot Problems SUCKS! (Music Video Review) - YouTube, Hot Problems (Ukulele Cover) - YouTube, Hot Problems (official single) (acoustic cover) (more parentheses) - YouTube, Hot Problems - Dubstep Remix (Ti40Alloy) - YouTube, Hot Problems - Double Take (Parody) - YouTube, A Song WORSE than Rebecca Black's Friday?! - YouTube,Nerd Problems (Parody of "Hot Problems" by Double Take) - YouTube, "HOT PROBLEMS" IS A GREAT SONG! - YouTube, My Vlog About Hot Problems Aired on CNN.?? - YouTube, Hot Girls/Hot Problems/Double Take Interview (Jeannie Moos) - YouTube, Hot Problems... Seriously? - YouTube,
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the Simpsons' unofficial official "Hot Problems" gif

And that's all I've got to say about that! Once again, God bless you, and thank you for your support.


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