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Monday, April 30, 2012

Justin Bieber is Elvis (but Dax Flame is a God): Blake Shelton makes comparisons between Justin Bieber and Elvis Presley, AND Dax Flame makes a new video

Thank God Dax Flame has returned to youtube

Hello again true, believers.  The two hottest things happening in the world today, are 1.)  Blake Shelton has revealed to the world that Justin Bieber is the second coming of Elvis Presley, and 2.) Dax Flame has FINALLY made a new video, appropriately under his youtube user name "Daxflame."  Thank God, you decided to come to HTTP://JIMMYFUNGUS.COM and be dazzled by this information I am about to pass onto you...

The Return of Dax Flame

After taking a long hiatus from making youtube videos (which seemed almost unbearable for his fans),  Dax Flame has finally made a new video. (SEE ((((((((Funguzz Vizzion)))))))): Dax Flame: Where is he now in 2012?? (Part 1) and ((((((((Funguzz Vizzion)))))))): Dax Flame: Where is he now in 2012?? (Part 2) to catch up on all things Dax Flame)  In this new video entitled "My Improvisational Acting Moments"  Dax shows off his amazing acting skills...

When I saw that Dax Flame had uploaded 2 new videos I was so happy I could puke.  But then my joy was tempered a bit, when I realized that one of the videos Manifest Ocean - YouTube was actually originally uploaded in 2007...but it contains a solution for the problem of rising gas prices, which is a burning issue in today's current events, so he -reuploaded it.  Also in the video info for "My Improvisational Acting Moments" Dax writes:  "I also apologize for the length between videos. I don't want my next sentence to sound rude. I don't have any ideas currently, so I can't say if my next video will come any faster. I am sorry. Please excersise your empathy, and I will do the same for you."  So Dax seems to be in the same boat as Mark the rambling person,  just chock out of ideas.  Welp, Dax Flame fans, my advice is this. do everything physically, spiritually, and emotionally possible to run Dax's video up to 100 million views, so he is inspired to make more new videos.  (And aww shucks, let's do the same for Mark while we are at it.)

Now for something Completely different... 

Justin Bieber is the new Elvis Presley?

Everyone is really excited because in a new interview via Hollywoodlife Justin Bieber Elvis Of Today? -- Blake Shelton Compares Justin Bieber to Elvis Presley  Blake Shelton has drawn comparisons between Justin Bieber and Elvis Presley...

“You would have to be living under a damn rock not to know who the kid is and the impact that he is having. I never witnessed anything like that, it’s got to be similar to what happened with Elvis when he would come walking into a room.”

So, let's examine this further.  Below, you can compare iconic legend, the KING of rock and roll Elvis Presley, and modern day superstar Justin Bieber side by side.  Well, not literally side by side I them vertically...

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley?

and now

Justin Bieber

And if you still are not able to decide whether or not you agree with Blake Shelton that Justin Bieber is the new Elvis Presley, here are some of the most exciting new tidbits on the subject to help you form your opinion.... Blake Shelton Compares Justin Bieber To Elvis Presley, Justin Bieber vs Elvis Presley - Baby I'll Be There - YouTube ,
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Well, friends...I think this is a pretty decent place to stop the show for today.  In the comments you can vote on whether or not you think Justin Bieber is the new Elvis Presley...(or heck, just talk about Dax Flame).  Once again, God bless you, and thank you for your support.


  1. The world needs to see a picture of Bieber's cumface when he's being blown. It will be an historical event marking the beginning of a new era, like the Age of Aquarius. Can't you photo-shop something to give us a foretaste? Not a literal foretaste, we don't need that.

  2. I think Biebers the new Beatles!

    Kinda sucks that DaxFlame came back just with one video but I'm sure once he gets a back in the swing of things hell have plenty of videos! Its Mark with his never taking time off who I worry about! Mark will probably never have new ideas till he takes a day off! And since he wont take a day off, well I guess we know what that means!

    also, news repoters have always loved fat cats! Now they're just more literal!

    1. lol Great line about the reporters loving "fat cats." Very profound!

  3. What did I just watch?? That Dax Flame video made me literally scratch my head!! lol

    And Justin Bieber is the new Elvis Presley? Um, no. That position was already filled by the sexy Adam Lambert :)

    1. Jax, Dax is very mysterious...hmmm, Jax...Dax, Jax....Dax,Jax.....Dax, hmmmmm...mysterious

  4. I don't like Justin Bieber. His eyebrows look like caterpillars. I would still bone him for the right amount of cash. You have to give the boy credit. He sounded just like dying Elvis.

    1. I have no idea what to make of him yet. My brother once said that I would never listen to or read anything unless I felt an attraction to the author or musician. He may be right. I am not sure if I am allowed to crush on Dax.

  5. Yes. Let's get me 100 million views. I would be so damn happy if that happened. As happy as I would be if Justin Bieber followed in Elvis Presley's footsteps and died on the crapper.

  6. Elvis?, No. But Tiny Tim? Yes!

    Also I want to help in with Mark's 100 million views as well. You're a helpful person. Maybe I'll dedicate my next KIT2000 podcast to you.

    1. Thank you, Shock. (May I call you, Shock?) That would certainly help my self-esteem. Anyway, I am not quite an influential enough human to achieve the 100 million views by myself. But all of us working together, there is NOTHING we can not do!

    2. Sure, most people drop the "grubz". So I'm fine with it. I believe your quote. There is nothing stopping us but our own perceived limitations.

      I really love the Video of the now. Something about how comfy SpaceGhost is to me.

    3. Thanks. It's great to get some positive feedback on what people think of "Video of the Now." There will soon be a new one, so I will leave a link to the current one right here Space Ghost and the Cartoon Planet Band: Don't Touch Me ,...ya know. For the people.

  7. My goodness that fat cat is adorablez.
    In regards to the biebs, yes, he is talented but there's no way he's the new Elvis. Elvis was a drug abusing alcoholic bad ass singer. Biebs is a bit more part of what made Elvis so popular was the longevity of his career and success, so can't really compare the biebs to Elvis yet. If he's still as popular in 10 years then maybe!

  8. We'll put this comment in a time capsule, and in 10 years we'll see what happens.




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