Friday, April 6, 2012

"That Really Rustled My Jimmies" (the complete collection)

I think it is obvious to everyone here that the powerful forces of destiny were at work when the "That really rustled my jimmies" craze hit the web.  Who better to assemble a compendium of the best jimmy rustling all across the intertubes, than I, investigative journalist Jimmy Fungus?  (A few of these memes down there I actually just made myself, hot off the creative frying pan known as my mind.  Well, you guys can try to  guess which ones I made, if you want.) 

The Urban Dictionary defines "jimmy rustling" as "a term used in many different occasions when strong emotional needs are met. These emotions can range from sexual emotions to hateful emotions." Urban Dictionary: Jimmy rustling  (Or as Jax of calls this...saying "eep!"  The Power of An Eep )

So, now, without further ado, I am going to run down the best of the best "rustled my jimmies" memes, cartoons, videos, etc. and so forth across the internets.  Now, pay attention Gorilla Bananas of .  You will probably spot some of your relatives in this lineup...

"That really Rustled My jimmies"

I think this particular one, is the most common and popular of the "rustled my jimmies" memes across the vast digital super highways known as "the  internets."  The original picture of this majestic creature was actually originally posted here nors | Flickr - Photo Sharing! .  Little did the original poster know that this gorilla was going to become the most famous ape since King Kong...or at least since Magilla Gorilla.

"I refuse to let this Russle my jimmies." 

There are always those of us convinced they have complete control of their emotions like some Buddhist Kung Fu master...  that they have complete control of their jimmies.  Well, if this is the case with you...more power to ya...


This is a much more realistic approach to me.  This is what I look like when my jimmies initially get rustled.


"I see Jimmies and Jimmy acessories I tell ya what"

This is the Hank Hill edition of the "that really rustled my jimmies" meme.  There should always be a Hank Hill version of everything.  Though apparently when Hank's jimmies get rustled his head morphs into the gorilla from the Gorilla Munch cereal box.

"Not sure.. If jimmies have been rustled.." via

Then there are those times when we are just not sure...  perhaps we are victims of a drive-by jimmy rustling.  We just don't know what to think. 

rustled my jimmies Jesus 

When your jimmies are rustled, you can choose to use that energy for destructive purposes...or to focus that energy into positivity, and use the opportunity to show that you are a vessel of love for your fellow man.


"Please don't russle my jimmies" Spike  via

You can try politely asking people not to rustle your jimmies,...but from personal experience this almost never works.


This is the Giorgio Tsoukalos version of the "that really rustled my jimmies" meme.  There should always be a Giorgio Tsoukalos version of everything.

Jimmies Neutron via lumpytoast.tumblr

Be aware that when you get your jimmies rustled...there is a darn good chance you're gonna come down with the Gorilla Munch head.

"millions of jimmies were suddenly rustled" Obi-Wan Kenobi via

Once you are mature in your training, you can easily sense the rustling of jimmies...


"the jimmies rustle softly" my source:

"Keeps my jimmies stable" poem  (by slowdevil666 )




 "I feel a great rustling in my jimmies..."

"Ask not for whom the jimmy rustles..."

"Watch out guys...we're dealing with a badass..err..I mean rustler over here"

The Neil deGrasse Tyson version of the "that really rustled my jimmies" meme. There should be a Neil deGrasse Tyson version of everything.

"a gorillion jimmies"...that's a lot of jimmies

"one gorillion dollars"

"Keep it together...don't let your jimmies get rustled."


"jimmies; rustled" gorilla gif


"JIMMIES UNRUSTLED" Japanese kid with sunglasses gif


"let's get ready TO RUSTLE!"

1950s guy "Jimmies status: RUSTLED"-  This could be the one that started it all

Fonzie jumps the shark...his Jimmies remain UNRUSTLED

even celebrities like Emma Stone can get rustled now and again

"in bleakness and terror beyond all human hope...the gods guard the jimmies for centuries to come."

"YOU TRYIN' TA RUSTLE MA JIMMIES?" a darn good question

"At first I was like LOL...  THEN THEY RUSTLED MY JIMMIES."

"someone rustled my jimmies once...ONCE"

"Why doesn't anyone want to rustle my jimmies?"




"THAT REALLY F@%$#ING FLUSTERED MY JIMBOBS."  (whoever came up with this is a genius of the highest caliber)

HIS JIMMIES: Consider the rustled (via

"Can no longer even feel enough... to have my jimmies rustled" orangutan

U RUSTLED?  (via the internets)

Unrustling for Jimmies: Shh no tears...Only dreams now (via

"That really rustled my jimmies!" Planet of the Apes version (found on the interwebs)



"my jimmies rustle softly" ~ Brad Pitt

"This guy is really rustling my jimmies." - Demi Lovato on the X-Factor with Britney Spears

Kim Kardashian and jimmies Jesus: "LET THE JIMMIES RUSTLE THROUGH YOU"

"It would appear that your jimmies have been rustled."

"Never before have the jimmies been rustled this much."

"What really rustles my jimmies."

"All those people...  all that rustling."

IN SOVIET RUSSIA, JIMMIES RUSTLE YOU (found on the internets...created by some unknown genius)

"Every day I'm rustlin' (jimmies)"

"That's the last time you rustle my jimmies"


Jimmies can be rustled for good...or for evil.  The choice is yours.

"YOU, good sir..., have rustled my jimmies."

Rowan Atkinson. He's a man's man. Enough said.


There are those among us who's jimmies are simply unrustle-able.  (doggie pic originally found here Best Dog “Costumes” « Strange Fruit )

For some...the rustling of jimmies can be a spiritual....even life transforming experience.

"YOU have rustled my Boxxies!" Boxxy.

Boxxy's jimmies are unrustle-able.


This is the one I identify with the most. A typical day in the life of Jimmy Fungus.


And how can any lineup of celebrity jimmy rustlers be complete without R.B. Rebecca Black?

jimmies status: UNRUSTLED (Bill Nye the science guy version)


"Our jimmies are eternal.  None can rustle the Triumverate."

I am sure whoever created this particular masterpiece meant to write "no one can rustle the Triumvirate."  That is the cool thing about internet memes is you can spell words wrong, make typos, and grammatical errors, and none seems to care...err, i mean NO ONE seems to care.  Here we have the gorilla from the Gorilla Munch box, the Panda Puffs panda (i think), and I don't know that much about the koala bear.  I will have to take better notes next time I am in the cereal aisle at Walmart.   The "Triumverate" seems to symbolically mirror the trinity (the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) of Christianity.  Maybe I'm reading too much into it.  These memes and their meanings can get pretty deep, ya know.  Well, anyway this particular meme even comes with it's own video...

and finally the "I WAS IN THE TRIUMVIRATE BEFORE IT WAS COOL" rustled my jimmies meme

And that shall close yet another exciting adventure at

Once again God bless you, and thank you for your support.


  1. I can't make up my mind whether 'Jimmy Rustler' is better as a name or an occupation. I think it works well as either.

  2. There will always be more of these, I don't see why it should be called complete but otherwise good post.

    1. I intend to keep track of them for the rest of my natural life, and keep updating this entry.

  3. Again this is the first time I am seeing this....must be living under a rock??

  4. Laughed my ass off with the "Our jimmies are eternal. None can rustle the Triumverate." Thanks Jimmy. Btw, are you rustled?

    1. It is impossible not to get your jimmies ruslted every now and then in a world like this.

  5. I have no idea what this whoe thing was about.....but I now want to find a gorilla and 'rustle its jimmies'!

  6. This didn't really rustle my jimmies. It had Spike and Blackadder.

  7. I eat that cereal! It's gluten-free and organic. That's the panda I stare at every morning!! I don't know why I just got so excited.

  8. I'm feeling completely rustled

  9. You are now a permanent part of my jimmies folder and I'm putting the Jimmy Fungus for Prez on my Facebook because it's pretty funny (unoriginal cunt but w/e, I provide some lulz on there at the very least). You should get the original picture that started it all. It was a 4Chan image about this guy who was making a story in a 1950's style and said his jimmies were rustled after something (a party or something) and ending with saying 'Jimmie status: Rustled' or something like that and then in the comments section people made the gorrila picture with a caption saying 'MY JIMMIES ARE RUSTLED'. I would link you to a picture but I don't think I can when I'm posting as an anon. Good luck in your adventures jimmies adventures.

    1. Awesome! I will try to find the original 'jimmies rustled' meme, and I am going to keep adding to this collection, as more jimmies get rustled. And thank you for joining the Abraham Fungus Jr. for president campaign. The fate of our nation, if not the world is at stake.

  10. This really rustled my Jimmy!

    best pic: JIMMY STATUS: RUSTLED! Its eyes! They peirce!

  11. That video was beautiful. I feel at peace now, and a little hungry. Unlike you, I have to go to Trader Joe's to find my Gorilla Munch. They don't carry it at Wal-Mart because they like to piss me off. Who are they, you don't ask. Everyone!

    1. I think it's in a different aisle than the cereal aisle. I am pretty sure they have Gorilla Munch. I will investigate this for you.

  12. jajaj good post

  13. the original post to the ballad of jimmies poem is slowdevil666 from 9gag

    1. Ok, I will note that in the caption. Thanks.

  14. “The total amount of rustling per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation. During the minute that it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being rustled, many others are running for their jimmies, whimpering with fear, others are slowly being rustled from within, thousands of all kinds are having their jimmies forever rustled. It must be so. If there ever is a time of plenty, this very fact will automatically lead to an increase in the population until the natural state of rustling and jimmies is restored. In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get rustled, other people jimmie's will be forever unrustled, and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose for rustling, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.”

    ― Richard Dawkins, Jimmies Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Rustling




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