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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot Problems 2 "Like a Princess": the Double Take girls make a new music video AND decide to run for president; ALSO Mitt Romney's running mate (our first ever episode of "who is it?" in the history of this website)

Double Take in "Like a Princess" gif
Welcome back, old friends, and to any new readers out there..Oh!  Hello there!  Nice to meet you!  I have loads of exciting news to tell you about here at FUNGUZZ VIZZION aka  First of all,  I have greatly expanded my history of Dax Flame article entitled  Dax Flame: A COMPLETE COMPENDIUM OF ALL THINGS DAX FLAME- an utterly complete history of Dax Flame from Dax Flame beginning to Dax Flame end RE-beginning (everything you wanted to know about Dax Flame but were too shy to ask...or maybe you knew this stuff and forgot it?...or maybe you know this stuff but wanted to hear it again because you really love Dax Flame??), so if you care anything about Dax (and if you don't, you probably just don't have a soul) you need to go check it out immediately.

But now it is time for the exciting sequel to my famous, or perhaps infamous "Hot Problems" by Double Take (the Unofficial Official Article): This post is SUPER HOT article.  A good deal more information has surfaced about Double Take in recent days, SO...let's learn a little bit more about these 2 menaces to society...

"Double Take" is comprised of Lauren Willey and Drew Garrett.  When this tandem first strutted their stuff onto the world stage, most of us did not know what to make of them.  Why would they make such a ridiculously bad video?  Were they insane?  Were they "gooped up on gop"?

Well, it seems we now have the answer.  Lauren and Drew are not crazy OR on drugs...they are comediennes!  Not only that, they have made a new video called "Like a Princess" (treat me like a princess, and call me by my name...put me on a pedestal, and soak up all my fame) which you can easily watch by staring at the youtube player below this paragraph:

...and if that were not exciting enough, the two have decided to run for president of the United States be co-presidents...a dual presidency, if you will.  SEE:  Lauren and Drew 2012.

Double Take is comprised of Lauren Willey and Drew Garrett (the Hall and Oates of our generation)

If Funguzz Vizzion endorsed presidential candidate Abraham Fungus Jr. is not elected (see Abraham Fungus Jr.'s Greatest Speeches) then I for one hope these lovely girls are the ones who ascend to the oval office.  For not only do I think it would be great for the country,  but this presidential election business is a great segue into our next segment...our first ever episode of "Who is it??"

Mitt Romney's 2012 Running Mate:
Who is it????

Who Is It? by Talking Heads on Grooveshark

Now that we know that without a shade of the shadow(<---redundant) of doubtfullness (that's not a word, is it?), Mitt Romney will be the candidate for president of the United States of America on the Republican side of the is time to start considering some probable possibilities for his vice presidential running mate.  So, I will just go through a lengthy laundry list of possible candidates, and hope by some miracle of heaven to stumble upon the human he actually chooses.  (Oh yeah.  You are supposed to play the Talking Heads song, so you have a delightful soundtrack to listen to while you are considering the options.)

Alright...  without further is the list of possible candidates to be Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate in 2012:

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris classroom gif


Chuck Norris is quite possibly the most popular Republican in the country.  He is tough, strong on national defense, and an all around badass.  What he lacks in knowledge he can make up for in intimidation (as in intimidating reporters into not asking him tough questions).

Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn suit jacket exorcism gif


It may be shamelessly throwing a bone to the Christian right, if Mitt Romney chose Benny Hinn to be his running mate... but on the up side, Benny has the best suits around.

Atheist Cat

Atheist Cat: he finds prayer futile

But on the other side of the coin, Romney may want to shed the image of the Republican party as being too hyper religious, and go in the exact opposite direction, by choosing Atheist Cat.  Though I don't know if this approach would work.


Boxxy aka Catie Wayne and Vladimir Putin pic (found on the internets)

Then there is Boxxy.  She is no doubt lovable, and could soften up the gruff image of the GOP as a bunch of wealthy, money-grubbing meanies.  But the bad part is she would have less time for making youtube videos.

The "Brilliant" Guy

The "Brilliant" Guy smoking a cigar

Then there is the "Brilliant" Guy.  He may be a bit too much of a "YES man."  But sometimes that's what you want in a Vice President.

President Romney:  I think I am going to cut taxes for the wealthy.

Vice President The Brilliant Guy:  BRILLIANT!


"I kicked burning terrorist so hard in the balls that I tore a tendon in my foot."- DAILY RECORD
HERO CABBIE has his up side, and his down side as a vice presidential choice.  The down side is he's not an American citizen.  The up side is his record on terrorism is friggin' awesome!

Bad Luck Brian

what BAD LUCK BRIAN looks like today

I know what you are thinking..."Don't pick Bad Luck Brian!  He will just bring the country bad luck!"  Well, after living a privileged life perhaps a President Romney could benefit from the advice of an average American citizen...  someone who has had their fair share of bad luck.  Also, Brian is very photogenic.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson gif (found on the internets)


 There is so many positives with choosing astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson as a running mate.   He is smart.  He is a person of color.  And the media would totally eat up all these wacky hand gestures he makes if he used them at a debate.

Brendon Chaney

Brendon Chaney: the boy who admits he threw a pinecone

Brendon Chaney.  Constitutionally he may be too young to hold these offices...  But on the up side, the vetting process would be quite simple (as the only thing Brendon has ever been proven to have done wrong as of yet, is throw a pinecone).

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell portrait

Will Ferrell.  He may not be a Republican technically, but at least in this pic he seems to have the look down.

Kim Jong il

Kim Jong il from "Team America"
Kim Jong il.  The upside is he has many, many years of experience at running a country.  The down side is he is very unpopular.  Also, he is dead.

Mister Rogers

Mr. Rogers: "Don't make me shove this shoe up you ass" meme (found on the internets)

Mr. Rogers.  Upside...he like Ronald Reagan can be tough, but yet cuddly and likable at the same time.  Downside...he passed away some time ago.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
aliens expert Giorgio Tsoukalos
Giorgio Tsoukalos.  Who better to keep aliens out of the United States (a key issue with the Republican base)?  The down side...   his hair is completely insane.

Charlie Sheen Brown

(pic created by some unknown genius)
Picking Charlie Sheen as V.P. running mate would add some pizzazz to what would otherwise be a dull ticket.  But Sheen's negative polling is very high...  which could be counter-acted by turning him into a cartoon character.  Well whatever...still a more logical choice than Sarah Palin.

Jeff Goldblum and a monkey

Jeff Goldblum with a monkey
As the Double Take girls have proven,  dual presidencies, and dual vice-presidencies are a definite possibility (as long as you have the right justices on the Supreme Court *wink wink*).  Jeff Goldblum looks very dignified in this pic (some might even say "presidential").  And having a monkey be a candidate for co-vice president would keep some of the far left animal rights activists planning on throwing protests at the Republican convention, at bay for awhile.  Plus everyone likes monkeys, and most people like Jeff Goldblum.  It's a win win.

The Girl Who Wears a Cat for a Hat

a picture of the girl who wears a cat for a hat (found on the internets)
 Now I have got to admit the girl who wears a cat for a hat would be an absolute last resort to turn to as far as a choice to be Mitt Romney's running mate.  The upside is she's a woman, which may appeal to female voters.  The down side is she wears a cat for a hat.  But on the outside chance that none of the other candidates I mentioned are chosen... then the Republican party will have no choice.  She will be the "final answer" as Regis Philbin once said.  The Republicans will have to nominate the girl who wears a cat for a hat.

My goodness.  We certainly have accomplished a lot in today's entry.  I do believe this is the perfect place to stop the show for today.

Once again, God bless you... and remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago.


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