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Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Six Pack" by Gifted But Twisted (WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO???), and the Decline of Western Civilization (there must be something that can be done...), ALSO Happy Balloons (starring Andy Milonakis); BUT FIRST...someone actually listens to me for once

"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta." meme - Carl Sagan version

In America, Thursday used to be known as the day "The Cosby Show" was on.  Not anymore, because my Thursday started out pretty good, because Catherine, ex oh mwah! of Rainbows and unicorns. actually listened to one of my suggestions for a blog post, and wrote up this How To Create Cutting Comebacks ...A little masterpiece, which will no doubt one day be framed and proudly displayed at the Abraham Fungus Jr. Presidential Library...or perhaps even the Jimmy Fungusonian Institute for the Arts (if I ever obtain funding for that).  Catherine is one of the most talented up and coming bloggers on the blogging circuit, so you should probably go ahead and start kissing her rear-end now, before she becomes world famous.  Anywho, on with our story...

"Six Pack" by Gifted But Twisted (what the hell is going on in this music video??)

"Six Pack" by Gifted But Twisted gif

Gladly or sadly, I came across an interesting new rap video made by a "4 piece hip-hop band from Maine."  Being that Maine has always had the reputation for being the hip-hop capital of the world, I decided to check out this new video for myself. it is...

new "Chloe Moretz: WHAT?" meme (found on the interwebs)
If you are saying "WHAT?" you are not alone.  Whether the video is for real, whether it's a joke, or a cruel hoax masterminded by the Communist Liberation Front party of Albania to undermine the youth of America, is being debated.  Not that anyone asked, but I will tell you exactly what I think:  The lead "singer"'s rapping skills are mediocre at best.  But he definitely has the bling and swag down.  Enough so, that I would say he is probably one of the leading gangsta rappers in the New England area, not to mention parts of Canada.  He also has one other thing going for him.  He looks like the character Jimbo Jones, from the Simpsons...

Jimbo Jones via The Simpsons

However, if I do not sound more enthusiastic about this new talent calling themselves "Gifted But Twisted", I might be kind of biased.  This video brings back some bad memories, from a troubling time in my life.  This time is sometimes called "the 1990s".  I would often be up late with insomnia, and the only thing on the tube would be hip-hop videos on MTV2.  A nightly diet of gangsta rap videos were steadily being thrust down my brain canal.  You know what's depressing?  A guy like me watching those videos, can only have the lobes of their mind veer into but 2 directions:  1.)  the grasping of the cold reality that I will never ever be cool enough to hang out with Jay-Z (of which these thoughts can quickly turn into suicidal depression), or 2.)  self-delusion, as in, convincing myself that YES, one day I will be as cool and wealthy as Jay-Z, so just grin and bare it in the meantime (which is not healthy, because it is a total lie, and holding on to such pipe dreams will just lead to certain failure, and destruction).

Then there was the less than idealistic message these videos were sending our young people.  "Six Pack" by Gifted But Twisted may be fairly "fun loving" in comparison to others in the genre, but anyway, that segues us into our next segment...

The Decline of our Western Civilization: (there must be something that can be done)

What happened to the values (we once held in high regard) of humility, meekness, and caring for, and sharing with our less fortunate brothers and sisters?  The values that were taught to us by Oblio, the round headed boy born in the Land of Point, and Michael J. Fox's parents on reruns of "Family Ties."  It seems we are simply throwing those values away...

Throwing away our children, and their future.

Natalie Portman "Natalie Raps" gif (via wiigz.tumblr)

Throwing away our environment, and disrespecting the wildlife which abides there.

Incredible Hulk throws bear gif (via the internets)

Throwing away everything.

Legend of Zelda "F--- everything!" gif (via iamyc.tumblr)


Will Ferrell "HELP ME TOM CRUISE" gif (via ladiesdontstartfights.tumblr)

What can be done?

Well...I think Gorilla Bananas stumbled upon the answer in his post Code pink. about incarcerating criminals in pink cells in order to "curb their aggressive impulses."  When I assume command, the first thing I will do, is have Leo Sayer music blaring on loud speakers in all public arenas, until people start acting nice again.

Giving It All Away by Leo Sayer on Grooveshark
The second thing I will do, is dispatch a team of my most loyal knights to pass out Happy Balloons to everyone...
Andy Milonakis passing out "Happy Ballons" gif (via alecziscute.tumblr )

One More Thing

And now announcing an entirely new segment...called "One More Thing."  I call it "One More Thing", because it is the segment where I talk about just one more thing...and that is all. Anyway, I just wanted to post the picture of this  sasquatch lookin' creature I saw in Bersercules' recent video review Thundarr the Barbarian episode two review .  Just because I think he's kinda cool...and when in the world am I going to get around to posting it again???  Am I right??  Am i right??
sasquatch lookin' guy (just because he's kinda cool)

That will end our experience today.

Once again, God bless you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago.


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