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Sunday, July 15, 2012

"10 Crazy Questions" finally answered (A Rambler Interviews a Rustler); Greatest Comment of All Time Contest (and a tribute to my regular commenters); ALSO Song of The Day (featuring Lady Gaga)

brand newly invented "What was that about??" meme starring Anthony Padilla of Smosh

Welcome back, kids.  Let's make this thing happen!  Originally I was going to make today's exciting article about the 2012 U.S. presidential election, but then I remembered a prior obligation, so instead I decided to lead with the 10 Crazy Questions that Mark the Rambling Person wants me to answer.  I said I was going to answer them in my last post, but then I didn't...and Mark was probably saying,  "What was that about??"

Well, truthfully, I was putting the post together, and it was getting rather long, soo...   then this happened...

bunny passes out at computer gif (via -foodporn.tumblr)

10 Crazy Questions:  A Rambler Interviews a Rustler

Rustler of Jimmies: Mickey Rourke version (creator unknown)

1. Why dance with the devil when you can dance with me? I can't dance. I'm too dorky and uncoordinated.

2. Is it true that the good girls go to Heaven, but the bad girls go everywhere? In answer to this question I will quote Lady GaGa. "We got a whole lot of money, but we still pay rent / 'Cause you can't buy a house in Heaven"

3. If we were in a bar together, how would you get my attention? Jesus told me I shouldn't drink.

4. Magnets, how do they work?

5. Who would win in a fight between Jesus and a polar bear? It depends on where the fight took place. If it took place in the Houston Astrodome, the polar bear would win. If it took place in Madison Square Garden in New York, then Jesus would win.

6. China has declared war on the US, and each side is dragging their "friends" in to it. How screwed are you? No one likes me, and I don't have much of a life. World War III is not going to make that much a difference for me.

7. Which is your favourite accent to hear? I have xenophobia and find all accents frightening and/or confusing.

8. What do you think of my writing? I have never seen your handwriting, but you type quite well.

9. If we were the last two people on Earth, would you accept me as your God? You can be God, if I can be the devil.

10. Did you get any of the references? Besides the really obvious one? I am too lazy to check references. I will just hire you, and assume everything is in order.

I'm not passing this on to anyone, because last time, not a single person I tagged cooperated, so I don't want to suffer that rejection again.  (SEE:  Jimmy Fungus is Tagged, PLUS...first ever episode of GREAT UNDISCOVERED GENIUSES OF MANKIND to see the complete list of who these terrible people are.)

Sigmund Freud on depression (maybe he didn't really say this, but he should have)

Greatest Comment of All Time Contest

In my last post (in some ways very some ways,...not so much); A Legendary Boxxy Boxx-a-thon; Mitt Romney Booed at the NAACP; 10 Crazy Questions, and ALSO: Song of the Day (if I live that long)  I decided to give Bersercules the "Greatest Comment of All Time Award."  But then when I realized, I could use such an award for MY purposes, I immediately retracted it and decided to hold this crazy contest.  So, kids, now begins the Greatest Comment of All Time Contest.  Whoever puts the greatest comment of all time on my blog will receive a really, really cool prize (oh yeah!).  The contest begins now, and ends in the year 3000 A.D.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my regular commenters (the people who comment on almost every single post).  They are (in no particular order) Gorilla Bananas, the aforementioned Mark the Rambling Person, the aforementioned Bersercules, Jax of,  and Nellie Vaughn (who co-hosts the "Little Room Discussions" podcast with this other girl).  Honorable mention goes to kbbuddingwriter and craziness abounds, who have been stepping up their game of late.  (Anybody else who would like me to mention them in a post, just ask in the comments section, and I will try to work you in.)

Song of the Day

Lady Gaga's alter ego "Jo Calderone" (via ABC News)  This is how I imagine Nellie Vaughn's ex-boyfriends to be like from her description of them in her blog, and on Little Room Discussions,which she hosts with this other girl.

That will end today's remarkable journey. Once again thank you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy Chicago.


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