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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Hi. This Person is Posting Very Bad Rumors About You" at Twitter; AND THEN, Another Mystery of the Universe Unraveled: Desperation; AND ALSO, the Sexually Oblivious Rhino, and Satan

Dr. Evil
For awhile, not a super long time, like about 6 years or so...about the only "mail" or "direct messages" I would ever get at twitter, was the spam mail that started out something like "Hi.  This user is posting very bad rumors about you." It has some other variations such as  "Hello this user is making up very bad things about you", and  "Hi, this person is making up horrible things about you", and  "Hi somebody is saying terrible rumors about you", and  "This person is making up bad ass crap about you."  Well, you get the gist.  After receiving this spam for about 90 Gorillion times, I was almost tempted to click on the link out of curiosity to find out what the FUDGE is going on!  But instead I found this informative article at Hey This User is Posting Very Bad Rumors About You – Twitter Phishing.  Anywho, long story short, it's a phishing scam.  So be sure, in a moment of desperation, not to type in your password at whatever site it sends you to.  Or if you do, in a moment of desperation,  then change your password immediately.  Speaking of desperation,  that leads us to our next segment...

Mysteries of the Universe Unraveled:  Desperation

Feeling faith crushed, luckily for me,  a miracle ocurred.

"SOLVED The Mystery of Life" by Vernon Howard

Unbeknownst to me, the mystery of life had been a Mr. Vernon Howard.  Thank God I came across this book, and youtube video.  Somewhat to my consternation, (but thanks to Mr. Howard) I have come to understand that I am desperate...and also, I suck.  I didn't realize I was desperate, but apparently I am.  Also, I suck for being desperate.  Well, anyway, to highlight all this stuff I wanted to give an example of here check out this video below of this historic Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran fight with the legendary Howard Cosell calling the action.

...and also I made this demotivational poster.

DESPERATION:  Past a certain point there is nothing to do but give up

And now for something completely different...

"Little Room Discussions" starring Nellie Vaughn (and this other girl), and the Sexually Oblivious Rhino

A lot of my news in this post is slightly old, because I was planning on writing this last week,  but then OK, I didn't write it last week.  So, instead I am writing it now.  If you didn't know already, Little Room Discussions is a sexciting interweb podcast hosted by Nellie Vaughn of Buttons are Not Currency, and this other girl.  Their podcast is not a weekly show like Mark the Rambling Person's podcast show, which you can always count on to liven up your Thursday.  The Little Room Discussions podcast is kind of like a Boxxy, or Dax Flame video, and only comes along once in a great while.  So when it does come along, you have to savor it like a finely baked Christmas ham, because there may not be another one for a good long time.  The latest show was entitled The Unjoys of Sex,  and because of some of the sordid details our hostesses reveal about themselves in this podcast, I fear that neither one of them will ever be able to run for president of the United States now.  Ok, well, that's a bit extreme.  They will be able to run for president, they will just be what is called "unelectable."  

"Little Room Discussions" is hosted by Nellie Vaughn (and this other girl)

Luckily it was also around this time, that I discovered the "sexually oblivious rhino" internet meme, I was still able to leave a comment in the comments section.  

sexually oblivious rhino:  "I'm not familiar with that pokemon." (via

I think the "sexually oblivious rhino" meme, is for the most part self-explanatory.  The only thing I was wondering is why couldn't it be the sexually oblivious hippopotamus, or the sexually oblivious aardvark,...    or even the sexually oblivious anteater?

Bersercules at the Gates of Hell!

Bersercules has joined the dark side??
I wanted to write about this last week also.  In fact Bersercules is so prolific that he has even made 1 (or maybe it's 2 now) new videos at his youtube channel since I have gotten the chance to write this.  However, this segment is about Bersercules' video Comic Ads of the 1940s Reviewed by Bersercules.  

Captain Tootsie yelling at "Fatso"
Well, there is no point in my chuntering on like an ape.  That is Gorrila Bananas job at the The Japing Ape (which is also one of the best websites on all of the internets).  Anyway, here is the video for you to watch and enjoy...


Well, kids...   that will end our little trek through the blogosphere for today.

Once again, thank you...  and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago.


  1. I do love Jimquisitions theme but I've never listened to the full version. The co-host of Little Room Discussions is Madeline Lore, and I really miss them now you've brought them up. Maybe you should run a campaign for there to be more of them.

    I think if someone was taunting me in a fight like that I'd want to beat the crap out of him. I don't think it can really count as a win when you piss your opponent off so much they essentially go "Screw you guys, I'm going home."

    1. I certainly would wage a campaign for more episodes of Little Room Discussions starring Nellie Vaughn (and this other girl) because I love that show. But I fear I do not have the POWER to influence pop culture in this way. I need my fans out there reading this, to be willing to organize themselves into "Jimmy Fungus' Personal Army" if I were to achieve such lofty goals. For it is then, and only then, I will be provided with the support and sustenance I need to bring the transformative and lasting change the world so desperately needs.

  2. Thanks for the plug, man. Just one thing - could you say "support your local safari park" next time?

    Anyway, I don't believe a woman is "unelectable" because of the sex acts she did. Oscar Wilde said foxes were "uneatable", but he wasn't talking about women. Some women are uneatable too, but that can be cured with yoghurt. Ask Nellie if you don't know what I'm talking about.

    1. I will try to remember to say "support your local safari park" next time, but in a finite universe, can we ever be sure that there will be a next time? I have no idea what you are talking about in the second half of the comment, but perhaps when Nellie Vaughn comes by to read this, she will explain it to me.

  3. Wait, so is someone saying bad stuff about me on twitter or not?

    Rhinos, they're what us in the army of darkness will ride to bring about destruction to the natural world.

    PS I didn't join the darkside, I invented it!

    PPS Great post as usual!

    PPPS I love the letter P!

    1. Bersercules, I am not aware of anyone talkin' bad ass crap about you at twitter. But like I say...all publicity is good publicity. PS I have to ride my hippopotamus to Wendy's now and get one of their 99 cent burgers...

  4. I could watch that Sugar Ray Leonard again and again.

  5. I like how you share stuff from your friends in the blogosphere. It's really nice (until you decide to just leave me out).
    LOL just ignore that. It's my arrogant side.
    But seriously, I haven't done much to be shared or mentioned or anything in recent times anyway.
    Well, that's another motive to write my episodic!
    (you got it first from folks!)

    1. Thanks for the scoop. I was taking a kind of creative inventory of what makes my own website different, and I thought it was a positive the way I worked my fellow bloggers into my posts. Most of my regular commenters have been mentioned somewhere whether they know it or not. (I don't send out bulletins when I blog about someone...unless they are following me on which case maybe I sort of do.) However, it is true that I haven't mentioned you yet. But I will somehow work you into my next post...I will mention you somehow...I will do it! P.S. Actually, I would appreciate anyone who would like me to blog about them to tell me, like you did in your comment. Need the info. Throw me a frickin' bone here people!

    2. I always like it when you blog about me! More posts about Bersercules! Maybe about how egotistical and self obsessed he is?

    3. I can do that, Bersercules! I can do that!

  6. You are always so sweet. It would be ever sweeter if you stopped rejecting me. My heart can't take it anymore.
    I love how you refer to Madeline as "this other girl." From now on, she will be known as just that. The problem is, I am looking for a man to replace her.

    I am a huge fan of "Jimquisition". My brother and I watch it every week. It's the best because he is the best.

    1. I wasn't even aware that I was rejecting you...but at least you liked the article. I would fill out an application to replace the other girl from Little Room Discussions, but all I do that's even semi-interesting is go to Burger King, and write in my blog. A 30 minute podcast of me whining that I have no life, and that everybody hates me, will just make all your listeners tune out from the show, and want to kill themselves...or maybe in reverse order...I don't know. The Jimquisition guy is cool, I am just kinda ticked that he stole my name :/




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