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Thursday, July 12, 2012 (in some ways very some ways,...not so much); A Legendary Boxxy Boxx-a-thon; Mitt Romney Booed at the NAACP; 10 Crazy Questions, and ALSO: Song of the Day (if I live that long)

Hello, again true believers.  Well, if it seems to you like there is not a lot going on, on the internets today, how very wrong you are!.  Because there is certainly an unbelievable amount of things happening.  Let me tell you about them.

Gorilla in suit
Well, remember my article about the phishing business at twitter, with direct messages saying "this user is saying nasty things about you" or words to that effect, etc. and so forth??

Truth is you probably DON'T remember it,  because since I wrote that article, and informed the world of this scam...still NOTHING has been done about it!!! I have received nearly a gorillion more of these messages since then, which really rustles my jimmies.

Let's now speak about another area of my failure, and that is my political articles.  All of my political articles are complete failures as far as hits or traffic are concerned.  For some reason, whenever I write a poltical article it turns out to be a complete dud.  Almost no one ever ends up reading it, unless I put a picture of ancient aliens expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos somewhere in the article (and then people are probably just coming to the article to see the picture of Giorgio Tsoukalos, and not to hear my thoughts).

ancient aliens expert Giorgio Tsoukalos, and an Egyptian pyramid (via dirkelectricity.tumblr)

But today's article is a political article, so you are probably saying to yourselves, "HAHAHA.  What are you stupid or something?  Why are you wasting half your night writing a stupid article no one will read.  HAHAHA.  God are you stupid!"

Justin Bieber gif
Well, no I'm not that stupid.  I'm also going to talk about other things.  And I'm not leading with the politics.  I'm going to lead with my story about the Boxxy Boxx-a-thon.  But here in the U.S., we have a big election coming up, and I would be journalistically remiss if I did not speak about it at all.

Besides I do have some things I want to say about it.

So, anyway, now I have talked about all the many facets of all the areas where I am totally non-influential on the internets.  Now, let me talk about a moral victory of sorts, that I have just had recently.  Yay.

Boxxy: You See

Boxxy "You See" gif

Totally and utterly by happenstance, I was browsing one of the most influential and powerful message boards on earth, and I was very happy and excited to see that a gif I had made, my Boxxy: Challenge Accepted gif, was being used in a thread where the topic was the "Boxxy Challenge."  This "Boxxy Challenge" if I remember correctly, was to listen to the Boxxy "You See" song (originally created by Danielson742 at youtube) a gorillion times...or as many times as possible,...or something like that.  (Anywho, for me it was not much of a challenge.  I could listen to that song a gorillion times standing on my head.)

Now, I hope that all of you reading this leave a comment.  But please, all that I ask, is you watch this entire video below before leaving your comment.  "You See" sung by Boxxy is probably THE greatest song ever written, so it is really the least you can do for me.

Thanks you for watching the entire video.  Now we are able to move on to the political portion of this article...

Mitt Romney's Speech Bombs at the NAACP

Mitt Romney vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson:  Watch out,we got a bad ass over here!
Ok.  I'm kind of exaggerating, when I say Mitt "bombed."  Rather, Romney just heard a loud chorus of boos when he said he would repeal "Obamacare."

Seriously, what's the deal with the low quality video of this Romney speech??  This guy might be president of the United States of America, and  there is better video quality in one of the low budget movies from the 1960's that Bersercules reviews, than in this video of his speech!  I mean!!!???

But as Fozzie Bear would say...moving right along...

10 Crazy Questions

Eight Crazy Nights "Adam Sandler is a Genius."

Mark the Rambling Person tagged me with one of those deals where you ask a person 10 questions, and then you pass it on, pyramid scheme thingies...  But, if it's ok, I will save that one for next time.  It will even be my lead story.  Or at least I think it will be my lead story.  But, I definitely WILL do it.  Unless I get run over by a truck, or get severe diarrhea, or something like that...

Song of the Day

Tonight We Are Young from the video "We Are Young" by Fun.

Okk..we made it.  Now we play ourselves out with the Song of the Day:  "We Are Young" by Fun.

Once again, thank you all...and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago.


  1. My g/f's mom is JUST like the sister in 8 crazy nights!! I'm talking same glasses, voice, and evverrryyyttthhiinnnggg. Love her, but it cracks me up!!

    I always get those dumb twitter messages!!! If you find a way to stop them, let us know! I mean, they're rustling my Jimmies too and I don't even think I got Jimmies... lol

    1. Maybe Independent presidential candidate Abraham Fungus Jr. can do something to stop those awful spam messages at twitter.

  2. OK, so you've got "the greatest song ever written" and "the song of the day" in the same post. If I had written the song of the day, I would definitely be piqued about that. It's like going to a party and saying "that woman over there is the most beautiful woman who ever lived" in front of your girlfriend, which is not something you should do if you want to see your girlfriend naked that night.

    1. Yes, I considered that when I was putting this post together, Gorilla Bananas. I don't know what the rules are in the gorilla kingdom, but in the human sphere, one can listen to as many songs as they want and never get herpes. I hope that answers your question.

  3. I've heard We Are Young several times, and while I don't particularly enjoy a song, it's a refreshing break from the bad autotune. The singers can actually sing, and quite well at that.

    While being political, have you heard about this 'very disturbing' speech by Spiro Agnew? You should post your views on it. Just a suggestion.

    1. Nixon's Vice President?? I thought Spiro Agnew was long dead...but if Zombie Spiro Agnew is somewhere out there giving speeches about the "nattering nabobs of negatvism" I would definitely write about that. Please follow up with a little more information please.

    2. Spiro Agnew made this speech about the Vietnam war, which is supposed to be pretty disturbing. I couldn't find it, but because you know your way around Internet and like politics, I request you to check it out.

      By the way, is the gorrila's body ready? Just asking.

    3. Not his body, his jimmies. It's an unusual request about Agnew, but I am an investigative reporter of the highest caliber, and just to prove my investigativity, I will comply.

    4. I should have said "investigativityness." "Investigativity" is not a word as everyone knows.

    5. It's not? That's a shame. You can always make it up, though.

      And yeah, the speech you mentioned on my blog is the one.

  4. Well I am looking forward to the answers Jimmy. You actually don't have to pass it on or anything either, you can just answer the questions. I don't mind your political articles at all. You have some good views. I had heard Romney got booed at the NAACP but I didn't know why. I was hoping it was because he's a racist.

    1. I was considering just skipping that part where I "pass it on" being last time I did this, it was such a failure. (None of the people I tagged cooperated.) I don't think I can take that kind of rejection again, Mark.

  5. That was great!--though I hope never to have to listen to "We Are Young" again...sigh, I've heard it sooo many times over the past month.

    1. That's why you should listen to "You See" sung by Boxxy.

  6. Huh, politics gets no views, but posts with boobs get lots of views! Weird considering most politics are boobs! Maybe if the politics had boobs photoshoped on them they'd be more popular.

    Giorgio Tsoukalos: Maybe we don't like politics cause they're aliens! Boobs would make them human.

    I'm starting to listen to the boxxy song. Sounds catchy.

    Owch! That fotage is worse then a sixties movie!! (and more backwards in its thinking!) It looks like it was recorded off a TV screen. I bet that someone there recorded the montitors because they knew that people would boo and also worried that they wouldn't want that video to get so they made there own copy of it to show the world! I just looked and theres another version of the footage that has better quality and is a direct shot on mitt romney.

    00:10:31 still watching the boxxy video. Gets more catchy the more I listen to it!

    Those tags are like a pyrimid sceme, exept no one walks away with lots of money...

    But if you get severe diarrhea you'll have plenty of toilet time to work on your post! Just move the computer into the toilet! Heck why do we even have other rooms! We could all just spend our lives on the toilet! Heck bathrooms could have multiple toilets! A couch toilet for watching TV, a lazyboy toilet for video games and computering and a standard toilet toilet for when you wanna relive the simple days of the toilet!

    00:14:58 starting to really really get good! Now I'm singing a long to it!

    Oh and a bed toilet, for sleeping on!

    And now on to the song of the day... but I'm only 15 minutes in to the boxxy song... I guess I'll have to pause it.

    Song sounds okay, but its not as fast of the boxxy song. Kept thinking of the boxxy song through the beginning of the other video. (which I didn't finish listen too!)

    And now back to the boxxy song! 00:19:59! still not getting old!

    All and all a good post! I hope you support your local zoo!

    00:20:48 still going strong!

    00:23:49 great

    00:24:13 I think I have to do other stuff today.

    00:24:45 maybe not...

    I HAVE NO LIFE!!!!!!

    00:25:16 I'm out.

    00:25:55 no I'm back!



    1. Well, done Bersercules. I actually listened to the Boxxy song for over 2 hours straight, and I am still not tired of it. It helped lift my spirits. Actually, one of my ideas to improve productivity at the workplace is to replace the seats at people's desks with toilets. No more bathroom breaks. People have to stay at their desk all day working. Imagine all the work that will get done if my ideas are implemented. Ok, Bersercules, I give you the award for best comment of all time. There...that's a good idea.. "The Best Comment of All Time" award. Oh wait, I have a better idea. I will have a "best comment of all time" CONTEST, so then everyone will be motivated to top your great comment, with more great comments. So, in the selfish endeavor to encourage more great comments, I hearby take away your "GREATEST COMMENT OF ALL TIME AWARD" until further notice. Yeah...sorry about that, but I really gotta look out for # 1, ya know what I mean?

  7. I would just like to say that I read all political articles, but refrain from commenting about them because...I don't know, actually. I don't care, perhaps? Let me tell you what I do give a care about. This woman called Charles Schulz a racist because he had Franklin sit alone, while all the gang squeezed themselves together at the opposite end of the table. No she didn't, oh no she didn't. No one calls Charles Schulz a racist and gets away with it.

    I tried to listen to the song, I did, but I can only take that voice when it's coming out of GLaDOS.

    When I first heard that song by Fun, I thought it was Tracy Chapman singing.

    1. You read all my political articles, or all political articles ever written?

      Charlie Brown was always sitting alone, and would have been thrilled to have Franklin sit next to him, but Franklin never did. Maybe Franklin is the racist, ever think of that?

      You are the first person I've ever met that didn't think "You See" sung by Boxxy is the greatest song ever recorded.

    2. All political articles ever written. That's why I never sleep.

      GLaDOS. Just GLaDOS.

  8. Just came back to listen to the Boxxy song. I listened to it up to the 2h51m25s mark.




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