Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MY MOST CONTROVERSIAL POST: Satanism, Hitler, 9/11, Cyber Bullying, Muppet Murderers (or should I say murderer muppets??), and other Provocative Material (things I don't usually cover, but will just this once); ALSO a Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" Parody, AND "on Dr. Mario's consultation" (The Magic Key)

President Barack Obama using his computer to catch up on current events

Forgive me, but before we dive head first into today's entry, I have to get all my regular readers up to date on some of the goings on here at

First of all, the video bar, or video reel whatchamacallit, was having some trouble loading I had to delete it.  Which is kind of a bummer, because I found it extremely useful (at least for MY purposes).  But on the other hand, the layout looks much simpler now.  I catch a lot of flack out there in the peanut gallery saying my site is too cluttered, and the layout is lame yada yada, what not, and all this, and that, and all of the other things.  Those are the most common complaints I get, in fact.  So, I think that everything is pretty straight forward now.  But I suppose the complainers who like to fling their turds will continue to do so, about something.  (Though those are not my regular readers, who are definitely the most awesome people who have ever lived.)

One more brief order of business directly about  I made an advertisement for the site.  Or maybe advertisement isn't the right word?  How about "pro-jimmyfungus propaganda"?  Anyway, I will post it below, and you may call it what you will... site advertisement
I suppose a lot of you naysayers are out there blubbering again,  "No you can't say that!  There is NOT a lot of information on this site about protecting your pets from Satanists!"  Well, I say to you Mr. or Miss Naysayer, "Maybe there is, and it is just written in code so the Satanists can't read it.  Did you ever think of that?"

"my jimmies are ready"
Yeah, yeah, whatever...ok...moving right along.  I come across a lot of material that I think is quite amazing, but I balk at using it in my posts because I deem it too "controversial."   I don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers...rustle anyone's jimmies...if you will.  But today, is a super special different day, for just this once, I will be throwing caution to the wind, and writing about all these controversial subjects.  But, I tell you it wasn't easy...and let me tell you all about what I had to go through...

Last week, or some time (I don't know when), I came across this ingenious "rustled my jimmies" (SEE: "That Really Rustled My Jimmies": THE COMPLETE COLLECTION) meme on the internets, but I didn't save it.  The reason I didn't save it, was because it had to do with 9/11, and it would be too "controversial" to ever speak of on my tame, non-offensive website.  (Oh, ya know, I feel so good right now, because I just took a shower..I should really do that more often....and brush my teeth, come to think of it.)  But then one night when I was out purchasing potato chips, or soap (I can't remember which), I came up with the idea for the special "controversial" post..and I was like, "OH DAMMIT!!  WHY DIDN'T I JUST SAVE THAT 9/11 MEME WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE!"

So, I did the only cromulent thing a sane rational human would do.  I went back to the message board where I saw it, and begged for someone to post it again.  I also prayed, and asked God for divine intervention, that by some miracle the person who posted it originally was out there, and would see my request.  As usual, God mocked my trivial, mildly blasphemous prayer, and I only received ridicule from the other site users.

Hitler:  "B----. get out." gif (via foreveralonecomics.tumblr)

The only 2 posts in response were both negative.  The first responder, posted this "forever alone" cartoon face, which unfortunately I did not save.  I think it was their way of saying that someone must have totally no life whatsoever to make such a pathetic request on an internet message board. 

The second response I received to my query on the message board was even worse.  This poster wrote, "You're not retarded.  Why don't you just go make it yourself."

At first, I was greatly discouraged by all this, and started beating my chest bellowing,  "WHY DO I EVEN TRY TO DO ANYTHING!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!  WHY DON'T I JUST GIVE UP!!!!"  But...later that day, I started to think that the person who called me "retarded" was correct.  I should just try to recreate the meme for myself.  So...that's what I have done...

the very controversial, but very poignant 9/11 "rustled my jimmies" meme

But the 9/11 "jimmies" meme reminded me of another "rustled my jimmies" meme that I wouldn't post here on this site because...well... I didn't want to rustle anyone's jimmies.  Normally, I shy away from posting provocative material here at But as I said before, today is the day we are throwing caution to the wind...

by myrealnamee at
The particular "rustled my jimmies" meme that I am talking about here can be interpreted in a number of different ways.  I personally believe it is meant to be satirical social commentary, in support of anyone who has been victimized or exploited (albeit with a dark comedic twist).


Now, on to some more sensitive subject matter, I would not normally touch with a ten foot spatula...

Muppets Who Murder

The next incendiary issue I want to deal with today is portraying muppets as violent murderers in the media...

the Cookie Monster tormenting Shelley Duvall in "The Shining"

Beaker of the Muppets portrayed as an axe murderer

So I ask you.  Portraying Muppets as violent murderers...   Is it right?  Is it wrong?

And now for something completely different...

Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe"

Carly Rae Jepsen in "Call Me Maybe"

There is no bigger hit in pop music right now than "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen, and it has inspired it's fair share of cover versions.  Even ones by the aforementioned Cookie Monster, and the aforementioned Barack Obama!

the legendary Tay Zonday, still going strong

But I would be journalistically  remiss, if I did not tell you about a version by the Barry White of our time...the Issac Hayes of our generation...   a Mr. Tay Zonday.

Song of the Day

And last, but not least is today's "Song of the Day."  Today's song is "The Magic Key"  by One T. & Cool T.

Yugamera7 in "on Dr. Mario's Consultation"
But one of the reasons I'm bringing it to your attention is because it is also used as the soundtrack in a youtube video called "on Dr. Mario's Consultation" which has never gone viral...or gotten millions of views...but maybe it deserves to.  Without further ado, here is "on Dr. Mario's Consultation" starring Yugamera7 (featuring "The Magic Key" by One T. & Cool T.).

Once again I thank you all... and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago.


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