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Saturday, August 18, 2012

FUCK THE POLICE (memes)!: The Best "F#@% the Police" Memes from all around the Internets (WARNING!!: MANY F BOMBS MAY BE DROPPED!... THIS POST IS THEORETICALLY NSFW!!)

 Welpers,  when I first set out to present to you a blog post detailing an orderly account of the web's very best "F#@% the Police" memes, I expected to find a much more expansive plethora of genuine "f the police", or some say "f tha police", or some even say "f da police" memes than I did. 

First, to explain what I mean by this, we need a little background on what this saying is, and where it comes from.  The rap group N.W.A. usually gets the credit for coining the saying "F--- tha Police", whether they deserve it or not.  To save time, let's just assume they are the ones that get all the credit, and move along to the next thing we need to talk about.  What exactly does "F--- the police!" mean? defines it as: "Eschewing the authority of an individual or entity who are perceived to have excessive power or wield their influence against those of a lesser station or class."

At the very least, a "F#@% the Police!" meme should express the spirit of rebellion against the perceived oppression of authority figures.  When I say there were not as many really good versions of these memes as I expected to find, it is mainly because people across the internets started to go hog wild with this concept, slapping the words "F#@% THE POLICE!" on virtually any kind of silly looking picture they could get their hands on, with no regard for whether it was in keeping with the true spirit of the meme or not...

And so it was, that I set out, to put together for you, the finest collection of "F#@% the Police!" memes on the interwebs.  These are the best.  So just forget the rest...

the "Fuck the Police" babies ~ soooooo cute

"Fuck da Police." little girl ~ (this one's really obligatory)

"Fuck tha Police." cat

"Fuck the Police" dog

 "Fuck da Police" ostrich

"Fuck the Police" blue haired girl riding a snail
So why does this one make a good "Fuck the Police" meme??  Because it's a blue haired girl riding a snail.  Enough said.

"Fuck the Police" Spiderman version

"Fuck the Police" Kermit the Frog version

"Fuck the Police" Mr. Bean version

"Fuck the Police" Rebecca Black version
Yes, it's very illegal for a group of 14 year olds to be "cruising down the highway", even if it is Friday...and even if one of them is Rebecca Black.

"Fuck the Police!" My Little Pony version

 "Fuck the Police" Dax Flame version

"Fuck the Police" Chloe Moretz version

NEWly made  Fuck The Police meme   2020

Cartoon Network Fuck the Police MEME

Fuck the Police gif (cat driving car)

FUCK THE POLICE Homer Simpson gif

Fuck Da Police flipping garbage can gif

fuck the police gif   (anime version)


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