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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Greatest Speeches Ever: Julian Assange's Embassy Balcony Speech; ALSO...Is Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan a Satanist?? (I present the evidence, and allow you to make an informed decision), AND FINALLY David Hasselhoff performs "Rhinestone Cowboy" for the Pope

Hello again, true believers.  I'm Jimmy Fungus, and we are beginning today's post with one of's most famous segments, called...

Greatest Speeches Ever

Julian Assange speaking from the balcony of the  Ecuadorean embassy

This moment in history happened just a few days ago.  After Ecuador granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange political asylum, it appeared that the British government might try to storm the embassy and arrest him anyway.  Assange felt compelled to stand atop the embassy blacony, and make this dramatic statement to supporters:

"On Wednesday night, after a threat was sent to this embassy and the police descended on the building, you came out in the middle of the night to watch over it and you brought the world’s eyes with you.

Inside the embassy, after dark, I could hear teams of police swarming up into the building through the internal fire escape. But I knew that there would be witnesses. And that is because of you.

If the UK did not throw away the Vienna convention the other night that is because the world was watching. And the world was watching because you were watching.

The next time somebody tells you that it is pointless to defend those rights we hold dear, remind them of your vigil in the dark before the Embassy of Ecuador."

Here is the speech in full below...

And now we examine the question...

Is Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan a Satanist??

a nifty side by side comparison of Paul Ryan and Anton LaVey's belief systems, I found on the internets

I am an impartial and objective investigative reporter, so I will not tell you how I would answer this question.  Instead, I will present to you, the reader, all the evidence you will need to come to an informed conclusion.

That quotes above are indeed accurate.  The influence Ayn Rand (author of "Atlas Shrugged" and kind of a big deal to many in the Tea Party political movement) and her philosophy had on Anton Lavey, the founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan, is well documented.

Paul Ryan's admiration for her is also a matter of public record.  Though he recently has tried to distance himself from Rand's beliefs,  he sounds pretty sincere about them in this 2009 campaign video...

Here is Ayn Rand in an interview with Mike Wallace explaining her philosophy in her own words...

And here is Anton Lavey explaining the philosophy of Satanism in his own words...

Sooo..I ask Paul Ryan a Satanist????  You make the call.

David Hasselhoff sings "Rhinestone Cowboy" for the Pope

the Hoff sings "Rhinestone Cowboy"

And NOW...the most exciting news of all!  I have made a new youtube video at my channel  entitled "David Hasselhoff Sings for the Pope."  Check it out below, and then tell all your friends, and just tell anyone else you see, just anywhere...on earth...

*sigh*  Well, dear ones, that will end another thrilling day at  Remember to tune in next time...same Fungus time...same Fungus channel....   or something like that.

Stay classy, Chicago.


  1. That was a pretty epic video. You know the Pope would pay the Hoff to sing for him. As for Paul Ryan. Well, he's more than likely a Satanist but he's still not the worst person there. Not by a long shot. Assange's speech was pretty awesome too. I had heard he said something great, but I didn't know just what it was he had said.

    1. I would pay to hear the Hoff sing too...about 5 bucks. That's not a put down to Mr. Hasselhoff, $5 is a lot of money to me.

  2. Have to love this Assange speech and this post man. I have to admit that I'm not a huge Assange supporter, he's a cool guy and everything but I think he should be questioned for the rape thing at least, I kind of hope he gets away though haha, great post dude.

    1. It is my gut feeling the rape thing is a trumped up charge. If he is guilty, obviously he needs to be punished, but there is no way he would get a fair trial under these circumstances.

  3. Hmm..well..I appreciate your not trying to influence my decision. Whether or not he's a santanist, I can't say just yet. But, I do have a pretty strong opinion on Mr. Hasselhoff. hahahaha

    1. David Hasselhoff inspires strong emotions, both pro and con.

  4. Assange, Rand, The Hoff, The Pope. What do they have in common? They're all cockweasels, but each in their own special way. You must have a cockweasel detector to put them in the same post. Or maybe you're like a bloodhound and can sniff them out.

    1. Well, no... I don't have such a device. But perhaps I will be able to corner the market on the keyword "cockweasel."

  5. Blimey, there's loads going on here. And Assange is a wanker.

  6. I wholly think that Paul Ryan selectively picked apart Rand's philosophy and ideals and just promoted the "individual capitalist" bits to support his own agenda.

    I happen to be a fan of Rand ever since I read the Fountainhead my freshman year of high school, and above EVERYTHING Rand valued logic and independence. Ryan is such a religious nut job I question his ability to value the same things that Rand promoted in her novels. Religion is a major deciding factor in his policies (as one can obviously see), and when one is that heavily invested in Religion, logic tends to be twisted, and therefore not reliable.

    So, I guess what I was trying to say is this: Paul Ryan is not a Satanist, he's just confused. He's just pretending to be an intellectual by flaunting the fact that he read "big kid books" written by an acclaimed philosopher. I'm pretty sure he skimmed the book and was like, "Yeah! Capitalism! I like being rich and selfish! Let the poor people wither away with the hope that they can be just as prosperous as I am!"

    I had seen the Rand interview before, but not the Lavey one. I found it very interesting, so thanks for sharing!

    Also, Julien Assange? Is it wrong that I find his accent attractive? Yes? WELL I DON'T CARE.

    1. I was raised Catholic, and from an early age was taught to put others before myself (though I don't think many of the people teaching me that, actually practiced what they preached). So, instinctively I am kind of resistant to Ayn Rand's philosophy. Though, in truth it is probably a more realistic philosophy, and most people on the planet probably live by her world view whether they want to admit it or not. Ironically, Paul Ryan supposedly is a devout Catholic, but must not pay attention at church or something, because all of his political positions (besides social issues) are contrary to what the church teaches. Anyway, I have blabbed enough. Thanks for the great comment.

  7. I'm not into Satanism and saying who's satanist and who isn't, but anti-christianity, ah, that's trolling!
    It's good enough for me.

    You got a new subscriber on your YT.

    1. Thanks, kb. I am already subscribed to you, btw.

  8. Ayn Rand sounds like a dumbass. I don't really wanna get into it, but on a build your confidence base her books can be good but from a global or country wide view, her books are pretty harsh and cruel!

    I liked Julian Assange, and am glad all those people are out there watching what is happening!

    And don't worry I'll be tuning in at JimmyFungus o'clock on JimmyFungus day at!!

    1. Awesome Bersercules! I got a couple of things to do, then I will check out your new video (which I am really excited about seeing!).

  9. haha very well told speech indeed, team Ecuador! Yet I guess they wouldn't do the same if a couple of their 'untold issues' were there on the Wikileaks.

  10. I loved Assange's speech for the complete absence of the Swedish allegations...maybe if he hides in their long enough they'll just go away.




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