Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Hail Satan!" FACE OFF!: Fulfilling a Promise I Made to a Gorilla

Yoda lightsaber gif (via goforcechokeyourself.tumblr)

If George Lucas taught me anything when I was a kid through the subliminal messages in his movies, it was to always keep my promises to my friends.  So now in this edition of I will do just that.  In this post I follow through on a promise I made to Gorilla Bannanas at

Gorilla Bananas left this comment after my post My Personal Collection of "Hail Satan!" Memes (this is my second "most controversial post" post), but FIRST...Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Liam Neeson,...and ALSO: Song of the Day

Here is the video, and the part Gorilla Bananas is talking about goes down about the 40 second mark...

Then in my blog article entitled Justin Bieber Gets Beaten Up (badly), BUT FIRST A Brief Update (on all things related), AND THEN My Second "Most Controversial Post" Post Causes a Furor (but that inspires my first youtube video ever!), and ALSO Insanely Brilliant Quotes with Fran Lebowitz,... PLUS Song of the Day I posted this video, a compilation of the brilliant Lord Picklejar's greatest "Hail Satan!" moments (and it also happens to be the first youtube video I have ever created)...

In the comments section, Gorilla Bananas wrote the following:

And I did sorta promise that we were going to have a vote.  So, guess what?  A vote is exactly what we are going to have!  Though I am blogging a lot lately, and putting a lot of pressure on my regular commenters.  Hopefully, someone will come by and vote besides me, because if I had the only vote that wouldn't really be fair (that's the way they do things in Soviet Russia).  Hopefully Gorilla Bananas will come by too and vote to (but that would leave the voting in a tie).  So, I will leave the voting open for awhile (how about until January 6, 2017?)  so we get enough votes to have a decent "Hail Satan!" Face Off.

So in this corner we have...

Lord Picklejar

If you liked Lord Picklejar's "Hail Satan!"'s better, type "Thumbs up!"

Chloe Moretz thumbs up gif

If you didn't like the Lord Picklejar video type "No"

Boxxy "No" gif

And in this corner we have...

This Guy

this guy

If you liked this guy's "Hail Satan!" better type "EPIC WIN!"


Or if you didn't like his "Hail Satan!" type "GTFO!"

brand newly invented by me Bill Nye GTFO! meme

Ok, then. That shouldn't be too complicated. Once again, thank you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


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