Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Gotta Be Me... Hit Or Miss: The Justin Bieber beating video revisited, Julian Assange update, and More (This blog post took over 9000 Rustlewatts to produce!)

I Gotta Be Jimmy Fungus...Hit or Miss

Mark the Rambling Person at in his post My Life; The Trilogy came up with a good idea to help spread his message of peace and love to all corners of the intertubes.  What you are supposed to do is pick three songs. One that represents how you felt about yourself in the past, one that represents how you feel about yourself in the present, and one that represents how you hope to feel about yourself in the future.  Everyone on earth is supposed to do it, and then pass it along.

So I picked a song, that pretty much runs the full gamut.  The song is "Hit or Miss" by Odetta, and it encapsulates the attitude towards life that I should have had in the past...but I am adopting it right now, from this moment kind of a personal theme song, to give me some inspiration to hopefully make something of what is left of my sorry life.  Coincidentally, the song is also used in this nifty "Southern Comfort" commercial which takes place on the beach:

Southern Comfort beach commercial gif

I personally do not drink, but the dude in this commercial certainly has his Cool Moves down pat, doesn't he?  I am not a supporter of alcoholism, but I certainly am a supporter of Cool Moves.

So, let's awkwardly segue our way into our next segment.   Now for something completely different...

The Justin Bieber beating video Revisisted

A few of my readers (not mentioning any names, but some of their initials are Bookish.Spazz and Mark the Rambling Person)  seemed to get quite a kick out of seeing Justin Bieber get beaten up in his latest video (though they didn't watch the video, they watched a gif I made instead).  SEE:  Justin Bieber Gets Beaten Up (badly), BUT FIRST A Brief Update (on all things related), AND THEN My Second "Most Controversial Post" Post Causes a Furor (but that inspires my first youtube video ever!), and ALSO Insanely Brilliant Quotes with Fran Lebowitz   Then I listened to kbbuddingwriter's latest podcast at in which he argues that they should start having students play intense video games in school, which would help the student body work some of their anger, and raw angst out of their system.  This, kbbuddingwriter argues, would help decrease the violent outbursts at school, which are sadly becoming more and more commonplace.

Then I had an epiphany.  After listening to kbbuddingwriter's podcast, I said to myself, "Now I know what I must do!"  I must make a new youtube video.  I must help protect Justin Bieber from some of the ill feeling towards him out there in the general population.  I will make an exciting video of the "savage beating" that Michael Madsen administered to the Biebs, in Bieber's latest music video "As Long as You Love Me" so that those who do not like Justin so much, will work out their issues with him constructively, in the youtube world of fantasy.  So...without further is the third youtube video I have ever made entitled
Justin Bieber Beaten Up (Bieber gets 39 lashes from Michael Madsen in "As Long as You Love Me").

Now, for some REAL news...

Julian Assange Update brings you the REALLY important news stories,  because the corporate run media has better things to talk about.

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's request for asylum earlier this week, which would keep Assange out of the slammer, as well as giving him a safe haven to continue his work.  There is one snag, however.  Assange has to somehow get himself to Ecuador to begin with.  SEE:  Julian Assange: UK 'threat' to arrest Wikileaks founder.

The plot thickens...

Once again, thank you...and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


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