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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Justin Bieber Gets Beaten Up (badly), BUT FIRST A Brief Update (on all things related), AND THEN My Second "Most Controversial Post" Post Causes a Furor (but that inspires my first youtube video ever!), and ALSO Insanely Brilliant Quotes with Fran Lebowitz,... PLUS Song of the Day

this "Every day I'm rustlin'" jimmies meme was totally inspired by the japing ape (so you don't get the wrong idea, this is a man in a gorilla suit, and not Gorilla Bananas the author of the japing ape blog)
I stole this idea from...errr..ummm...I mean Gorilla Bananas at  inspired me to create this "Every day I'm rustlin'" jimmies meme with his excellent article entitled "The Invisible Gorilla."  Hopefully I will get his blessing in being able to add it to my collection of "That really rustled my jimmies" memes over here:  "That Really Rustled My Jimmies" (the complete collection).  Or maybe if I don't hear from him soon, I will just add it anyway, and hope he doesn't use his massive gorilla forearms to rip me limb from limb.  We'll see how it goes...

Well, you are probably wondering what's going on with all the rest of my regular commenters (by my "regular commenters" I mean, my readers who have been commenting on virtually every post since nearly the dawn of Fungus time), so here we go:  Jax at recently had a birthday, so be sure to send her a belatedly baked cake if you haven't already.  The entire world is awaiting the next Bersercules video, and the next Mark the Rambling Person podcast.  Nellie Vaughn, the author of Buttons are Not Currency (who also hosts Little Room Discussions with this other girl), has been missing in action for quite awhile now.  Miss Vaughn if you are tired of blogging, I still need your comments on my blog posts.  I would be glad to compensate you, but I can only afford to pay you in Doritos.  Oh!  And I have never given a shout out to Aysh at who almost never misses one of my good for you, Aysh.  You're a poet, and a hero. Recently, I have met some new lovely people who are leaving some super delightful comments, and I swear I WILL write about you sooner, or later.  (If you want me to that is.)

Kbbuddingwriter at, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you.  You are actually going to be kind of a BIG DEAL in this post...

Justin Bieber Gets Beaten Up

Apparently, there are a fair number of people who would like to see Justin Bieber be the recipient of a "savage beating."  (If you have read either one of my articles  JUSTIN BIEBER FACING JAIL TIME (or at least that's what I read on some website)...ALSO, How to Fight the Good Fight (and why we should not give up) OR  Justin Bieber Facing Jail AGAIN (an update), Mister Rogers New Rap and/or Hip Hop Video, Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio may be unsafe (but nobody seems to care), and the Story of "To Potato and Beyond"  you already know there are a fair number of people who want to see Justin Bieber behind bars.)

Anywho, if you are one of the sick puppies who wanted to see Justin Bieber get a can of whoop ass opened up on him, it looks like you have gotten your wish.  For in his new video for the song "As Long As You Love Me", that is exactly what happens.

MTV even had the audacity to ask the guy that beat up Bieber if he enjoyed it.  SEE:  Did Michael Madsen Enjoy Punching Justin Bieber? 

"I didn't exactly enjoy slapping him around," Michael Madsen told MTV News.  "Had he been a prick, had he been a brat, you know, I might have had fun with that. But he was actually, he was the opposite."

Back in the day, it probably would have been rude for a member of the media to even ask such a question.  But, if you ARE one of these cruel sadistic bastards, who would enjoy seeing Justin Bieber get his ass kicked, I personally made this gif for you...

Justin Bieber getting beaten up in "As Long As You Love Me" gif

And to give you some context, here is the full video below...

So, now I am going to attempt an awkward segue into the next thing I shall be talking about...

If I was rich and famous as Justin Bieber, I would probably savor the flavor and aroma of every turd my detractors in the peanut gallery chose to fling my way.  But being the poor, struggling proletariat that I am... getting pestered by the occasional poop projectile is at best, a mildly depressing reason to bring my computer to the crap cleaners, and at worst,...wellll...let's not go there.

How Comments Hurt:  One of My "Most Controversial Post" Posts Causes a Furor

Recently kbbuddingwriter of wrote an insightful article entitled "How Comments Hurt."  Well, if he doesn't mind...  I am going to follow up on his article, with an article addressing a comment I received on my last post My Personal Collection of "Hail Satan!" Memes (this is my second "most controversial post" post), but FIRST...Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Liam Neeson,...and ALSO: Song of the Day.  My assertion that the post would stir up a controversy indeed turned out to be quite prophetic, as some of the topics broached did cause quite a furor.

"Saturday Night Fuhrer" (found on the internets)

NO, not that kind of Fuhrer.  This kind of furor..

SARCASM DETECTOR (via "The Simpsons")
Look, Mr. T. Roger Thomas, I am not one of the paparazzos that Justin Bieber likes to punch in the face (allegedly).  Randomly taking photos of people, and then carelessly plugging them into a context in which they don't belong, and adding a ridiculous caption, is not only shoddy is just plain WRONG!

ABBA in "Take a Chance on Me" video... and Bersercules??
Tonight, I just have time to partially defend myself from these thinly veiled charges of journalistic malfeasance which T. Roger Thomas has hurled against me (I'm busy running a sick ass blog, you know.)  But...allow me to address at least one of the accusations.

I did create a meme starring a youtube personality "Lord Picklejar" that was emblazoned with the caption (if you want to refer to it as a caption)  "HAIL SATAN!"

Lord Picklejar is not a "blogger" in the sense that our commenter T. Roger Thomas means.  Picklejar hosted a youtube program at his channel and described himself as ""the grand archduke of Hell in the service of Satan, who is called the Lightbringer."  (Lord Picklejar has not hosted a show at this channel for a very long time...I assume, he has moved on to bigger and better things.)  Lord Picklejar had a tradition of ending every one of his shows with the exclamation "HAIL SATAN!"

And guess what...GUESS WHAT, PEOPLES!!  I have made my first ever youtube video by making a best of compilation of Lord Picklejar hailing Satan, at my very own youtube channel!  And here it is....

Now...forgive me, if I use a little sarcasm of my own...  As you can see I was reaaaaallly out of line for having the nerve to make the meme that I made.

In the words of the immortal Steve Martin...

Steve Martin:  "Excuse me!"

Moving right along...

Insanely Brilliant Quotes with Fran Lebowitz

Now, I would like to introduce a brand new segment at called "Insanely Brilliant Quotes" with Fran Lebowitz.  Fran Lebowitz is a best selling New York author, and her wisdom, candor, and wit can be matched by...virtually no one.  It is always fascinating to hear her views on all of today's burning social issues, and she is an excellent spokes person for pretty much anything.  (SEE:  Fran Lebowitz on Occupy Wall Street)

Way back in the day, Lebowitz was a frequent guest on the David Letterman Show.  (SEE:  Fran Lebowitz on Late Night With David Letterman)  Sadly, at least it seems to me, that most recently, the corporate run anti-Rebecca Black media, rarely gives her a forum to express her ideas.  Well, kids, we can fix that...can't we?  With my newly invented "Insanely Brilliant Quotes with Fran Lebowitz" meme, we can spread Fran's insane brilliance to all corners of the internets.  Here are just two examples of what we can do with this idea...

Fran Lebowitz on billionaires' greed

Fran Lebowitz on the hypocrisy of the super rich
And now, finally...

Song of the Day
And now, FINALLY...we can end our amazing voyage through the interwebs with today's "Song of the Day."  No introduction is really needed..  here it is.
Once again, thank you, and please remember to support your local zoo.
Stay classy, Chicago.


  1. I'm honoured and flattered that you stole the picture I borrowed from Google, but I think you should have stated that the gorilla in the picture is actually a human in a gorilla suit and not me. Just so no one gets the wrong idea.

    I think we should have a vote to decide between Lord Picklejar and the Chinaman. I don't like the Picklejar 'Hail Satans' because he's obviously putting on a serious face and trying to be badass, whereas the Chinaman is rejoicing, which is what a true Satanist would do in the presence of Satan.

    1. I changed the caption to reflect that you are not the fake gorilla in the picture. (As if any of us humans could even dream of successfully impersonating a gorilla...truly an impossibility.)

      The vote thing is a good idea. Maybe I could do that in my next post.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! I'm glad I helped you. My title was actually dope. I just made it up.
    Thanks for the label too! I'm becoming a big guy on!

    1. But your title inspired me, so it was only right to give you the credit.

  3. Those are some pretty damn awesome quotes by the lovely lady. I too wonder what happened to Nellie and I will make it my goal to find out. I had no intention of watching the Justin Bieber music video, even to see him getting beaten up, so thank you for making the gif. I did however watch the clip of him being shot on CSI. A lot. Possibly too much. It's a shame you got some kind of furor for the controversial post, but it wasn't so bad. I'm yet to get actual hate mail, but I don't really want it at the same time, so I'm surviving.

    1. If you need any help finding Nellie Vaughn I could assist by contacting the A-Team, or Liam Neeson. Of course I don't know the A-Team or Liam Neeson, but I might be able to make a meme to help get their attention.

  4. I love those quotes by Fran

  5. Oh my gosh. I need to discontinue reading your posts in public because now everyone thinks I'm cray cray for laughing uncontrollably at my computer screen.

    Much like Mark, I didn't really fancy watching a JBiebz music video so thanks for the gif. Personally, if I had the opportunity to punch Beiber in the face I would accidentally "miss" his face and punch him in the vagina.

    1. Well, I see you and Mark don't have much love for the Biebs...but at least you guys like my blog. Jimmy Fungus 2 Justin Bieber 0

  6. So people got offended by your posts? Are they new to the internet? How can you go a day without finding something offensive or horrifying on the internet.

    Grow up, yeesh.

    And yes, I did enjoy that gif of Bieber getting beaten. :P

    1. It is pretty hard to offend people these days, but I guess in a kind of half assed way, I succeded in doing so.

  7. I am here, here I am, am I here? Life, you know, it likes to take me for real wild rides sometimes. I have a lot of events I have volunteered for taking up my time. My nieces just started school. Oh, and there's my depression and anxiety wanting me to spend as much time as possible with them. I told them they have to leave soon, and they agreed. "You're no fun," they said. Most people look at me and they think I like to party, and whatever the hell that means, but they are wrong. I don't drink, don't do drugs, don't "get down," and I even quit smoking. Last time I took an OTC...Kriss Kross were making people jump. Boyfriend, I promise to not stay away this long ever again.

    My mom loves Abba!

    1. Oh! What a relief, Nellie Vaughn! We were all very worried about you. Mark the Rambling Person is organizing a search and rescue party as we speak. It was my job to try to convince Liam Neeson to lead the search because of his very particular set of skills he has acquired over a long career, (and also he was in the movie the A-Team). Anyway, take it as a compliment that they think you like to party. People look at me and just assume I am a nerd. Well, they are right about that, but how dare they assume it! Anyway, now that we have found youu...where the heck is Bersercules??

  8. So you got a meaner attacking you huh? It happens to everyone at some point. Don't let it get to you. :)

    1. Well, it was just a little sarcasm. I don't want to blow things out of proportion!

  9. Look at you defending yourself!!! I can't watch the video here because there are no speakers at my job computer, but I'm sure that you would never, ever do something without it being justified. I mean, that may risk the integrity of your blog!! lol

    Thanks sooo much for the birthday wishes!!! :) :) :)

    P.S. Projectile poop? That scares me a little...

    1. Oh my. How does your workplace feel about the rights of Satanists to express themselves? It is a good thing you didn't have speakers to play the video, or Jax might have been fired, all because of me! And yes, what little there is left of my dignity was at stake, so I had to defend it.

  10. It makes perfect sense that I'm in that ABBA video...

    Congrats on your first youtube video! I look forward to more!!

    Fran Lebowitz's comments are pretty cool!

    Hail Satan!




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