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Monday, September 24, 2012

Decision 2012: Wake Me Up When November Ends (Also, I give Mitt Romney advice on how to reboot his campaign)

Homer Simpson voting in the 2012 election for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? (via The Simpsons)

Coming up on November whatever is the exciting American presidential election.

And America will attempt to make a decision which will hopefully move the country forward...

George Washington driving a Dodge in "Freedom" World Cup commercial (via lillianjessica.tumblr)

Most of the "experts" in the media have President Obama comfortably leading the challenger Mitt Romney, with his reelection chances looking quite good. Yes, the president is being portrayed as one major badass, and a pretty smooth least for now.

"Sorry it took so long to get you a copy of my birth certificate..."  President Obama too busy killing Osama bin Laden for FOX news.

You see... all hell broke loose, when a supposedly secretly taped video of Romney characterizing "47%" of the American public, in a way that was...not so nice.  His comments are being interpreted by many, including some on his side of the political spectrum, as an indication that he is out of touch...that he views almost half the American people in the same way Mr. Burns on FOX's  "The Simpsons" would view them (as boneheaded slackers looking for a handout).

"THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY" meme ~ Ron Burgundy/Will Ferrell

Whether the Romney in the video tape, was the real Mitt Romney, or whether he was just telling some wealthy donors what they wanted to hear, is hard to say.  But after the fallout from this vid, Mitt Romney is discovering that "shit happens" even to famous rich guys...

Randy Marsha of "South Park"..."SHIT HAPPENS." (newly invented meme)

So how can Mitt Romney change the course of his campaign at this late stage?

Randy Marsh of "South Park" CHANGE poster (created by an unknown genius)

So, what advice can I, James Earl Fungus I, offer to Republican nominee Mitt Romney (because I know he is wondering what I think)?

If I could go back in a time machine, I would tell him to never say anything in private he would not want to be heard saying in public...


But it is too late for that, then isn't it?

So, the questions is...what can be done right NOW?

Well, I think the only hope is for Mitt to somehow miraculously transform his image from an elitist, snobby rich guy, to a laid back, quasi-compassionate, man of the people.  Show us he can hob-knob with average Joe Bagadonuts American.  Show us he has a sense of humor.

"I HAD FUN ONCE AND IT WAS AWFUL." ~ Mitt Romney version

Mitt needs to let loose and have some fun.  Maybe even do something crazy, like let the family dog ride in the front seat of the car, instead of on the roof.

Other than that, I don't know what Mitt Romney can do.  He has pretty much screwed himself by opening his big mouth at the fundraiser with those hoighty-toighty rich donors.

Oh well.  Now for something, a little bit different...

Also, coming out in November is "Lincoln" directed by Steven Spielberg, and starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln.  I am really looking forward to this movie, so I figured today, instead of ending with the Song of the Day, we will end with the movie trailer of the day.  So without further ado, here it is...

Once again, true believers, God bless you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


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