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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Religion and/or Belief in God vs. Agnosticism and/or Atheism: Another One of My "Most Controversial Post" Posts (religious fanaticism is also briefly discussed)

Some turd-slurping troll e-mailed me to complain about the picture I originally had in this spot, so here is a picture of Shibe Doge  instead

It's Part 2 of my last "Most Controversial Post" post 
 Demi Lovato Responds to X Factor Contestant (some say she got "owned"); ALSO, Chloe Moretz and Boxxy Respond to Hitler, Big Bird, and the Cookie Monster: This is one of my "most controversial post" posts (but it's only Part One, so it's not THAT controversial, actually.) which was actually Part 3 in a series... So, that would actually make this Part 4.  But as Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves would say, "That is neither here nor there."

What IS before us, are these intense issues which we are going to discuss...religion, religious fanaticism, agnosticism, and atheism.  I pointed that out in the post's title, if anyone was paying attention. 

We have already dealt with this issue of religious fanaticism, with the 9/11 "Hey Kool-Aid!" meme.  So, let's cross that off the list.

To be fair, let's discuss the rest of the issues in alphabetical order...

Agnosticism, and/or Atheism

ancient alien atheists expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Atheism can be a very controversial subject...

"Atheism: Because Babies are Tasty" meme

So, that is why we need someone the caliber of Neil deGrasse to explain this to us.  Dr. Tyson is an agnostic, though he explains that he is "claimed" by atheists.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: "HE CAME TO TEACH US THINGS."

Enough of my endless chuntering, check out the video below...

Well said, Dr. Tyson.  Well said!  Now let's move on to our next subject...

Belief in God

Well, you probably thought I would find some world famous Christian guy to defend the believers' point of view, but I am going to surprise you, by choosing a world famous Muslim guy to do it instead.

Check out this remarkable speech by Muhammad Ali...

But whatever anyone on either side says, it seems Jesus always has the last laugh...

Jesus: "Your girl screams my name..." (creator unknown)

Welp, I guess that last part of this post wasn't very nice...

disappointed sloth meme (found on the internets)

Are you all disappointed in me?  Well, I am an objective investigative reporter, so I am not going to take sides on any of this...

Bill Cosby:  "If God isn't real then how did beep boopity flip flappity gumbo chops?" (found on the internets)

I am just going to say I am a BillCosbyist, and leave it at that...

Anywho, that will end today's magnificent journey.

Once again, thank you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


  1. hahaha I am a Idon'tGiveAShitLeaveMeAloneist! Very much enjoyed this controversial post.

    1. Your LeaveMeAloneism, is starting to look more and more appealing.

  2. I liked this post. And I'm cool with whatever people believe, as long as their not assholes about it. Like, mention it once, that's cool. But then you try to sell it to me and then call me an idiot for not believing it as well? No thank you.

  3. I agree with Dr Tyson. It's better to avoid fruitless debates about religion. My friend Dicky Dawkins is always getting into such debates, even though he promised me he wouldn't after I saved his life. What does he achieve? The atheists remain atheists and the believers continue to believe.

  4. Well it's really a debate that will last until either God shows himself, or religion is denounced by everyone. The debate between being agnostic and being atheist is also a little interesting. Every time I look it up it seems to have a different meaning. At first I believed that an agnostic person was someone who believed in God, but didn't follow any organised religion, and believed that all paths pointed to God. That described me quite well, as those are my beliefs. Then I heard that it was someone who doesn't know for sure if there is or isn't a God. So who knows what I really am. I should just start my own religion.

  5. There has to be a creator because you are here. If humans were just a mass of chemical reactions, I wouldn't resonate at the frequencies in which you make me think. That's proof enough, right?

  6. Well, there was this one friend of mine who didn't believe in any religion but she believed that there was a "Power" or a "God" who conquers the universe. What are we supposed to call her then? haha

  7. Neil deGrasse Tyson's definition of Agnostic seems to be most peoples definition of Atheist... he must be a very accurite scientist!




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