Friday, October 26, 2012

Goofball Donald Trump's $5 Million Dollar Offer for Obama's College Transcripts Makes Dull Thud Sound on Peanut Gallery Floor

newly invented Donald Trump "HATERS GONNA HATE" meme

Oh my god!  Have you heard about what this knucklehead Donald Trump is up to with his latest publicity stunt??  Well, if you have not heard yet, and the title of this exciting new article is not enough to help clue you in, just watch the vid below...(because I am not gonna waste any more of my precious energy trying to explain this nonsense Trump has gotten himself into!  Sheesh!)

Yeah, and that was a day or so ago. Donald Trump is still trying to keep the pressure on President Obama, by making smart ass tweets from his twitter account...

Donald Trump makes a smart ass tweet about his $5 million dollar off to Obama via twitter

Anyway, notice Donald Trump's twitter user name is "realDonaldTrump."  Which means someone else had at one time taken the user name "DonaldTrump",  and well, that poor person is probably rotting in solitary confinement somewhere for stealing Donald's name.  (Maybe President Obama should pardon him, to tick off the Donald, huh?)

Needless to say, no sane person in the entire country of the U.S.A., or on earth, for that matter, thinks that what Donald is doing here is legitimate, or a good idea. 

I mean...just look at the tweets Donald Trump is getting from his own twitter followers...

 negative response to Donald Trump's $5 million offer to President Obama to release his college transcripts

Yes, Trump gets called every name in the book...  "megalomaniac",  "asshat", "douchecanoe", etc. etc. etc.

Which would be enough to throw the average baboon into a deep depression...

the newly invented "CAN NO LONGER EVEN FEEL ENOUGH... TO HAVE MY JIMMIES RUSTLED" orangutan meme

Not Donald Trump.  He keeps chugging along with higher self esteem than even God Himself.  WOW.  Just wow.

Well, dear ones...that will end our entry today.  What do YOU think about this crazy, insane mess?

Once again God bless you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


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