Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jim Lehrer is Awesome (Lehrer's critics need to drink a tall glass of STFU!)


Welcome back . true believers.  I've been expecting you.  Today's exciting entry is about the moderator of the first presidential debate PBS's  Jim Lehrer.  It seems all those brave millionaire pundits, political commentators, and so-called comedians in the horrible, horrible anti-Rebecca Black mass media, have been getting their rocks off lately by trying to rip poor Jim a new poop shoot, regarding his performance in moderating this debate...

Yup, those geniuses in the media are blaming Jim Lehrer for everything from the bad economy to the very decline of democracy itself...

"Everyone calm the f*ck down."

Okay, media geniuses calm down.  Your hissy fits, and baby tantrums are beginning to become bigger news than the debate itself.  And whatever happened on that stage is Jim Lehrer's fault, like it is Giorgio Tsoukalos' fault there is a bacon shortage.  The candidates are both big boys.  They can take care of themselves.

the "Please don't be so hard on yourself" manatee, or as I call him the "Please don't be so hard on yourself" sea walrus...though he is really a sea cow, not a walrus...ehh, whatever

So, dammit, Jim.  I thought you did a pretty darn good job under the circumstances, with the high altitude and all.  So please don't be so hard on yourself.

So, you are probably wondering what Independent presidential candidate Abraham Fungus Jr. stands on all this.  Well, wonder no further, because he has released a statemtent...and that is what the video down there is all about...

Well, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.



  1. I didn't see Jim do anything wrong, but then I only watched 30 seconds of the debate. He could ask the gorilla to be his assistant if it would help.

  2. Poor Jim.

    I think people are picking this debate to pieces, which in my opinion is silly, because it's only the first one. I mean, come on guys.

    I enjoyed the video in defense of Jim, especially the song part.

    1. I am glad someone like the video! Abraham was getting depressed over all the negative votes at youtube!

  3. "anti rebecca black mass media" haha. i've been waiting for someone to write those words.

  4. So is Abraham Fungus Jr. gonna get into the music industry? Cause that song was great! (Maybe if Jim Lehrer hears it he'll invite Fungus to one of the debates!)

    1. Maybe I will start a band with Abraham Fungus Jr. and Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves. Sadly, Jim Lehrer is not moderating anymore debates, so kissing his a$$ during that video was kind of pointless :/ But you're right that it is a crime Abraham Fungus Jr. has not been invited to debate!