Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mitt Romney Beats Obama but Loses to Big Bird

Mitt Romney, Big Bird, and President Obama (WTF?)

I would be journalistically remiss, if I made no effort to supply you with useful information about last night's first presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama,  so here we go...

As you know, last night President Barack Obama, and the Republican challenger Mitt Romney faced each other in their first presidential debate of 2012.  Okay, let's learn a little bit more...

Mitt Romney really came out swinging, and all the smarty pants pundits are giving him the win, because he was the most aggressive, and kept going after President Obama relentlessly.  I do not begrudge him for that.  He is behind in the polls...he could not just sit there like a boob the whole night.  He had to do something.

But all these pundits and prognosticators who are giving Romney the win are completely wrong.  A debate is not a boxing match.  So what if Mitt was the more aggressive of the two?   The thing everyone is going to remember about this debate is Romney's pointless and foolish attack against America's beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird.  To make matters worse, Romney chose to bring up the fact he wants to end funding for PBS on a night when the debate was being moderated by Jim Lehrer... of PBS.

Yeah!  Great idea, Mitt!  Announce to the whole country, you're gonna pull the rug out from under the lovable Big Bird, who has never done anything to hurt anyone!

"BIGBIRD" @ twitter, tweets to Mitt Romney

Debates like this one are usually remembered for one thing.  Reagan said "there you go again", Lloyd Bentsen said "You're no Jack Kennedy",  the first President Bush looked at his watch, Al Gore sighed etc. etc. etc.

When a guy running for president of the United States starts talking about Big Bird at a debate, yeah...I think that's what people are going to remember!

So, yeah,...Mitt blew it, ...and to quote the immortal Forrest Gump,  "That's all I've got to say about that."  So that will end a short entry at for today...

the "I WANT MOAR!" cat meme (found on the internets)

Sorry "I WANT MOAR" cat...that's all there is for today.  But stay tuned to this Fungus channel because another exciting article will be coming up very soon!

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