Friday, November 9, 2012

Daniel Day-Lewis Talks to a Chair During Acceptance Speech (the worst comedian in the world Chucky C. Chuckles feels the need to respond)

Joaquin Phoenix and Batman (just because)

Quite frequently,  people who make their living in the arts, gather to give out awards to the very elite, and very best artists in their various fields.

Daniel Day-Lewis does something they are calling "Eastwooding" while accepting an award from  BAFTA

This happened again the other night, as the outstanding actor Daniel Day-Lewis received an award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln.  Day-Lewis brought a chair on stage with him just like Clint Eastwood did at the Republican National Convention.  Well, it's a bit hard to explain why, so I am not even going to try to do it.   So just watch the video below entitled "Daniel Day Lewis' "Eastwooding" BAFTA Acceptance Speech For Lincoln"...

Ok, so if you watched the video like you were supposed to, you would know that Daniel Day-Lewis pointed out he really wasn't trying to make fun of Clint Eastwood.  Which is nice, I guess.  Who wants to get made fun of?  Especially by Daniel Day-Lewis the greatest actor in the world..

Randy Marsh from "South Park":  "I respect you bro" meme

But I'm still not totally sure why Daniel Day-Lewis was talking to the chair.  I know if I was a famous actor like Day-Lewis, OR like Clint Eastwood, I wouldn't be talking to a chair, I would be talking to one of my cool famous friends.  Though, I suppose if life doesn't improve, I soon will be talking to chairs, potted plants, can openers, or whatever else will listen to me.  But as Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves would say "that is neither here nor there", because, all of this is leading up to the latest video on my youtube channel...

So, yeah, before when I told you to watch the video, I really didn't care if you watched it or not (I was just being diplomatic).  Anywho, I hope you are in the mood for another one, because this is the one I really wanted you to watch, mmm, hmmmm...

This video features Chucky C. Chuckles "the worst comedian in the world", and he is doing a comedy set on this whole Daniel Day-Lewis talking to a chair business.  Check it out below, please.

And that will end today's short, yet informative journey through the blogosphere.

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