Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Did Anonymous Foil Karl Rove's Plan to Steal the Election? (we investigate and try to get to the bottom of this) brings you the truly important news stories, because the mainstream media has better things to cover

Hello again, true believers.  If you are believing certain stories flying around the internets, the extremely bizarre behavior of certain Republicans on election night (most notably Karl Rove) might be making a little more sense to you now.

Rove melts down on Fox
As I said, on election night, Karl Rove had an epic meltdown in front of millions of viewers.  Later on, we learn from insiders in the Romney campaign that Mitt was "shell shocked" about his defeat.  But why?  The "hard data", the raw numbers, were clearly pointing to an Obama victory.  Were the Republicans suffering from self-delusion?  Or is there a more sinister explanation.

The real answer may lie inside the contents of a letter released by the international hacker collective Anonymous, shortly after the election.  (See, or watch the very interesting video below...

I will try to put all this information in a nut shell (as Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves would say) for you.  The Republican Secretary of State in Ohio installed a software patch for the voting machines to tabulate votes.  Because the software patch was totally untested, many groups worried about the integrity of the election found this suspicious and challenged the use of the patch in court (to no avail). 

Shortly thereafter, Anonymous released this video to warn Karl Rove and his cohorts, not to engage in any election stealing funny business on their watch...

After the election, Anonymous released another communication, the letter I spoke of before, in which they gave their explanation of what they say happened on election night, and there is a good article about it at (SEE:  Did hacker group Anonymous stop Karl Rove from hijacking the election?)  "The hackers explained that they had inserted a firewall into Secretary of State Husted’s software patch. That had stopped the Ohio election counters from using it. The hackers said that they had analyzed the patch and that it would have flip-flopped the vote in the same counties that Karl Rove, of Fox, had argued would eventually swing the Ohio election to Romney."

Anonymous claims to have developed a "password protected firewall" called "The Great Oz" to prevent anyone from being able to manipulate the tabulation of the vote totals.  The letter attributed to Anonymous goes on to say, ""We placed this code on more than one of the digital tunnels and their destinations that Karl's not so smart worker bees planned to use on election night.  We noticed that these tunnels were strategically placed to allow for tunnel rats to race to the server sewers from three different states. ... We watched as Karl's weak corrupters repeatedly tried to penetrate The Great Oz. These children of his were at a loss...  How many times and how many passwords did they try?  Exactly 105."

Hard evidence documenting these claims by Anonymous is not available (at least not yet).  But in the opinion of at least this one reporter, the circumstantial evidence appears to be quite damning.  Karl Rove's epic "meltdown" on  live television, attempting to get FOX News to reverse their call of a projected election victory for President Obama, makes a lot more sense, if this information is accurate.  See the video below...

I know it's a long video up there, so I will give a brief rundown of what happened that night.

At the beginning of the election night festivities, Karl is pretty happy because he thinks he is going to win...

At first I was like LOL... THEN THEY RUSTLED MY JIMMIES gorilla

Then when the election returns started coming in, Karl was not as happy anymore, and seemed to be getting a bit aggravated.

When the FOX Decision Desk projects Obama to be the winner of the election, Rove begins to lose it...


At first, the FOX News team tries to humor Karl Rove, as he drones on for nearly half an hour, holding out hope that Romney will still be victorious.  Then they finally start to get fed up...


Cookie Monster tells Bert to "SHUT THE F*CK UP!"

Finally, Karl Rove is forced to admit defeat, and he eventually heads off, to find out exactly what went wrong...

Eric Cartman of "South Park":  SCREW YOU GUYS... I'M GOING HOME!

And so it appears, that Anonymous may have, at least on that one day...saved our democracy. (Yes, I know the U.S.A. is technically a republic.  You know what I mean.)


And so that will conclude today's entry.  Once again, God bless you all, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


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