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Friday, November 16, 2012

Nicole Westbrook Sucks? "It's Thanksgiving" Review (Chucky C. Chuckles, the worst comedian in the world, defends Nicole Westbrook from the haters)

"It's Friday, Friday...Gotta Get Down on Friday" meme starring Spiderman

Yes, it's Friday, the day the anti-Rebecca Black media traditionally likes to dump all their nattering negative nabobism on all of us, and point their fingers at their next innocent victim.  But of course, I could blame all that on the greedy corporations, and the one percenters, who are just trying to stir up controversy to make a quick buck. 

That would fit so neatly into my little view of the world.  But I can not do that this time...
It always saddens me, when I see someone using the sacred bandwidth of youtube to perform these character assassinations, which should be left to the licensed professionals.

Unfortuantely, that's the big fried fish we have on our plate today, which we are now struggling  to find a way to digest, and absorb into our delicate systems.

the very latest in the "Haters Gonna Hate" cat meme genre

Case in point right here,  this video by rising youtube star NateTalksToYou, entitled "Nicole Westbrook Sucks! (It's Thanksgiving Review)"...  It is some pretty tough, and devastating criticism...  And well, quite frankly, I think some of his remarks, perhaps, went a bit over the line.  Though, I will leave that to you, the reader, to decide upon.  Anyway, there it is below, so watch it, if you want to know what's going on.  Otherwise, you're just going to be really confused for the rest of this blog article.

Nicole Westbrook "It's Thanksgiving" gif

But I digress.  Is there anyone on earth who has suffered more at the hands of haters than the world's worst comedian Chucky C. Chuckles?   The answer is quite plainly NO (and don't argue with me about it in the comments section, just play along). 

So, who better to make a response video defending Nicole Westbrook, AND even that rapper dude from the "Friday" video, than Chucky C. Chuckles, the worst comedian in the world?  Here is Chucky C, Chuckles response video, which is appropriately titled "Nicole Westbrook Sucks? It's Thanksgiving review (response to NateTalksToYou by Chucky C. Chuckles)."

Ok!  Stop!  We are not going any further, because we are out of time for today...

Peace out, bros!


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