Thursday, November 22, 2012

UNTRUE HITLER STORIES, and Thanksgiving Celebration!

"I can has Poland?" Hitler cat

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  And what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving, with our first ever episode of "UNTRUE HITLER STORIES" hosted by Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves.  But before we get on with that, how about some background information, so that things may make a little more sense.  Let's learn a little bit more...

as Gabourey Sidibe explains, Hitler has been portrayed many ways over the years since his destructive death

Adolph Hitler is the most evil guy who ever lived.  Over the years, since his tumultuous demise, his image has been revamped many times, and he still remains a household word.  Despite the fact he is a really evil jerk, he still hold an enduring place in popular culture. 

Here are a few examples...

Hitler and Cheetos, in a "Downfall" parody video

It can not be denied that the "Downfall of Hitler" parody videos, are one of the most popular things in the history of the earth.

Jesus and Hitler hit the road in the buddy movie "Second Coming"

Hitler shows up in more Hollywood films than Ben Stiller.  Well, maybe not that many.  But Hitler is in A LOT of movies.

"Hitler Rap" by The Whitest Kids U' Know

Hitler even shows up in popular music videos (an arena of our pop culture you think would be sacred, but I guess it isn't...hmmm).

Yes, Hitler is a very important part of the popular music scene.

Hitler and One Direction

Which brings us to Thanksgiving.  As, I alluded to earlier, the latest video on my youtube channel is the first episode ever of "UNTRUE HITLER STORIES" narrated by Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves, which is a response to Greg Onision's video on his channel Onision which is entitled  "HAPPY MUSTACHE THANKSGIVING!!!"  I will just post both of these videos, because they are both relevant.  So, for the love of God, please check them you...

Once again, God bless you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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