Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In the Wake of Sandy Hook...

The shocking massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School has become more than a tragedy.  It is becoming a microcosm for the central problems at the root of the decline of society as a whole.  It seems it took the senseless slaughter of innocents, to bring us this wake up call.  Now, it is incumbent on each and every one of us as individuals to ensure that those who died will not be forgotten, but that their memories will live on in our hearts, as an inspiration to create a better and more compassionate world for the children of the future...

It is not very often that you see the leader of the free world near tears, but that expression of emotion was absolutely nescessary to address a nation's grief that was so profound, no words could even come close to begin to speak to it.

the "I CAN'T BEAR IT" bear

And only by emulating the example of  fallen heroes, can we move the country, and our world  beyond the destructive culture which produces these acts of violence,  and re-align ourselves into a community of brothers and sisters who realize we are not only responsible for ourselves, but for each other.

fallen hero Victoria Soto

Only when we all come to this realization, can we then move forward as a civilization, and a world...

Once again, God bless you all,...  and thank you for your support.


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