Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Deal with Negative, Bullying Comments at Youtube, AND the First Ever Episode of "The Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves Current Events Rodeo Roundup" (Justin Bieber, Bill Nye, and Charlie Sheen will be discussed)

Kim Kardashian and "Jimmies" Jesus in  "Let the Jimmies Rustle Through You"  (meme newly invented by me)

Hello again, true believers.  There is so much going on...  I think I will just explain most of it in my latest podcast instead of chuntering on here. (Yes, I think that would be best.)  So, anywho...the podcast is about all the negative comments I have been getting at youtube,...which is also a perfect segue into talking about my latest video on the youtube channel  So, if you be so kind, give the podcast a listen...


As I say in the podcast, Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves has been filled with quite a bit of anger regarding all the negative and insulting comments he receives at youtube...

"BEAR WITH IT" meme (via the internets)

But I advised Lord Throckmorton to just "bear with it", and not let his jimmies get rustled.  Rather "let the jimmies rustle through you", because with the love and support of the brave knights of the Fungus Army on our side, how can we be defeated?? It is not even possible.

Ok.  Moving right along...

Justin Bieber playing the president of the "MILEY CYRUS FAN CLUB" on SNL.  (Justin and Miley have taken turns spoofing each other on Saturday Night Live.)

As I mention in the podcast, Lord Throckmorton has a new video out on my youtube channel...which is the first ever episode of "The Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves Current Events Rodeo Roundup", and the main topic is Justin Bieber's SNL appearance over the weekend.

As hopefully you have noticed as you watched the video, subtopics discussed were Bill Nye's appearance on CNN concerning that asteroid that will almost hit our dear planet...

Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Mister Rogers, Carl Sagan, and that artist guy (I don't know his name) in the exciting "SOME MEN JUST WANT TO WATCH THE WORLD LEARN" meme (created by an unknown genius)

And Charlie Sheen's plea to an allegedly murderous fugitive to turn himself into authorities...

NOT Charlie Sheen (Cookie Monster hooked on cookie dough gif via "Family Guy" and
(BTW, there are links with more info about all these exciting news stories, in the description portion of Lord Throckmorton's video.)

And finally, I wanted to share this awesome little vid with you.  It's where I got the clip from I used to open the podcast.  From the youtube channel upperBizzle  it's General Archie from the upcoming "War Movie."  Enjoy this, true believers.  Enjoy this!

Once again, God bless you all, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


  1. You're getting negative comments? Well that sucks. You're right in that the way to react is to just let it all go and not rise to it.

    1. Let us hope I can maintain the few shreds left of my dignity.

  2. Good advice. I always let the jimmies rustle through me. Feels good man. And good job on the OC

  3. At first I thought Charlie Sheen was an ass, but on learning that the fugitive mentioned him I revised my opinion. He's clearly a public-spirited citizen, and maybe a public-spirited ass, but let's hope the fugitive gives him a call. Bieber is looking quite gangly and long-jawed, like a boy who's just emerged from puberty. Is he dating Miley Cyrus?

    1. Miley Cyrus and Bieber are just buddies. Miley is dating some studly member of the elite super race of males named Liam Hemsworth.

  4. His name is Bob Ross! How do you not know his name?!

  5. Screw them negative comments. I try to use them to improve what I'm doing, though, but you just can't please them all.

  6. Good entry...As an aside, I never watched a program that featured Carl Sagan. I heard that he was the Michio Kaku of his day...

  7. Good advice about the negitive comments! I wish you luck on raising your army of knights!

    I remember my first youtube negitive comment. It was the third comment I ever got and all it said was "Shit". It was also accompanied by my first thumbs down. I don't know why people who hate a video waste their time commenting and downrating it! With all thats out there on youtube they could be spending their time watching something they like!!

    Goodbye and have a good day Jimmy I'm gonna go snort some cookie dough now!

  8. The artist name is Bob Ross.