Friday, April 26, 2013

Justin Bieber's Magic Bus Busted for Pot, We "Release the Kraken" on Harry Styles of One Direction, and Dove Beauty Sketches (of Wilford Brimley)

"MOTHER OF GOD WHY??" Justin Bieber meme

So, you have probably heard by now, there are more whiffs of weedy scandal surrounding Justin Bieber...

puppet facepalm animated gif (found on the internets)

Yeah.  I feel bad about it too.  But I think I will do like they do at the American Music Awards, and save what everyone wants to hear for last, so that I am freed up to talk about some other important issues first...

"CHILL, MAN.  JUST GIVE ME SOME TIME" ~ sloth meme (from the internets)

And so it was that the Liam Neeson "Release the Kraken" meme craze hit the internets.  (SEE:  Clash of the Titans: RELEASE THE KRAKEN!)  Though, I am perhaps the last person to catch wind of it, that did not stop me from jumping on the bandwagon...

"RELEASE THE KRAKEN" meme starring Liam Neeson and Wilford Brimley (more on him in a bit)

So, I made this delightful "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" video on my very own youtube channel featuring Harry Styles of One Direction.

Well, well, well.  Some of you may notice this is kind of a sequel to an earlier video I made...  and that's okay, because I have made some exciting completely new videos this week.  One of them is a delightful parody video in reaction to the smash viral hit "Dove Real Beauty Sketches"  which is a commercial for Dove soap, containing the apparently uplifting message "you are more beautiful than you think." 

Here is my reaction/response, which was originally entitled "Dove Real Beauty Sketches (of Wilford Brimley)"...

famous Tim & Eric mind blown explosion gif

And if all this has not been enough to blow your mind, last but not least, here is Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves' exciting report on the Justin Bieber situation we are now all engulfed in...

Once again, thank you all, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


  1. I'd heard Justin had been done for possession. He seems to be on quite a slippery slope these days.

  2. I wonder if Bieber will end up being a pothead like 'The Dude', so that someone can make a spoof called The Big Lebiebski? Anyway, I don't see why there's an angry gorilla in your Release the Kraken video. Gorillas are not bad tempered and only get angry if provoked, so any children who watch the video might get the wrong idea.

    1. "The Big Lebiebski" sounds like a great idea. Hopefully people (including impressionable children) won't take my "Release the Kraken" video too seriously. I happened to run into the gorilla clip while the news of Harry Styles being nailed in the crotch with a flying tampon was first reaching the masses. Journalistically speaking, I suppose that video is not my finest moment. Though I could argue that the gorilla WAS indeed provoked by Harry Styles' excessively exuberant dance moves.

  3. Oh no! By all that's holy, tell me it isn't so! Justin Bieber corrupted by the dark weed? The world is definitely coming to an end -- Release the Kraken!

  4. I'm not sure what's worse, the weed scandal or the Anne Frank would have been a Belieber nonsense.