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Friday, April 19, 2013

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? (please someone tell me, because I have no idea)...ALSO, The Unveiling of Jake Brickhead

"Been Waiting 3 Hourz...For a High Five" cat meme (found on the internets)

I certainly know how this kitty feels.  I have been left hanging more than my fair share number of times.  Though it seems that just this once I have left myself hanging.  You see's very own official sports analyst, Jake Brickhead, made this video for regarding a ridiculous interview given by U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte (promoting his new reality show "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?") on the FOX show "Good Day Philadelphia." Yes, well, you can see the video below...

I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to do a post with all of the best "WWLD: What Would  Lochte Do?" memes, from all across the internets.  But much to my consternation I discovered there is really no such thing.  The closest thing I could find was "What Would Lincoln Do" memes...but those are so four score and seven years ago.

Instead of a Ryan Lochte meme, here is a nice picture of a sloth who has been swimming.  (via the internets)

Though, if you truly want to discuss memes,  I guess I could write a little bit about Gorilla Bananas' (of comment on my last post, in which he said he thought Hayley Williams looked a lot like "Overly Attached Girlfriend" Laina Walker.

Hayley Williams and Spongebob Squarepants

"Overly Attached Girlfriend" Laina Walker and Rebecca Black... "when memes collide"

Well, I'll be damned!  Gorilla was right.  They do look alike!  Which segues perfectly into my next topic, which is a brief discussion of one of my other recent videos at youtube starring Moe Doodle.  The title of this video is "Moe, don't pull the rope!", and you can conveniently watch this video below...

And now...

Oh my.  I do believe that's about all we have time for today.

Once again, thank you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Star Trek reaction gif

I am outta here!

Stay classy, Chicago.


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