Friday, June 28, 2013

FUNGUSPIECE THEATER celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" (also...Chloe Moretz, Spiderman, a pony, Giorgio Tsoukalos, gorillas getting their jimmies rustled, drama llamas, polar bear fails, Deepak Chopra, Richard Dawkins, and the follow-your-dreams pooch)

newly invented Spiderman, my little pony, Chloe Moretz as "Hit-Girl" gif/meme/whatchamacallit/thingy

Hello again, true believers.  It's time for another thrilling episode of Funguspiece Theater.  And luckily, I'm just in the nick of time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tommy Wiseau's independent film "The Room"  (which if you haven't heard, has become kind of a cult classic).

NOT Tommy Wiseau (Giorgio Tsoukalos Ancient Aliens hairspray gif... created by an unknown genius)

"The Room" Tommy Wiseau "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!" meme (10th anniversary edition)

gorilla scare/jimmies rustled gif
Yeah, well...  that is sure as hell not the only thing that has been going on this week on the intertubes...  and I surely want to hear what Gorilla Bananas of thinks about THIS.

It seems that some skewl childrens on some sort of a field trip, were taunting some poor gorilla at the Dallas zoo.

The beast got his jimmies a bit rustled and  threw a scare into these miserable rug rats.  So, I made this gif about the incident (kind of), and made a spoof video regarding it as well, which is entitled "Gorilla gets his jimmies rustled by a$$hole kids at zoo." 

But I suppose, most of you would probably like to see some footage of the actual happening, so feast your eyes on it below, if you like.  (But don't use up all your energies watching that, because we are just getting started here....)

another "that really rustled my jimmies" gorilla meme (from the internets)

drama llama meme (from the internets)

Anywho, gorillas aren't the only animals with feelings.  Llamas also come with their fair share of drama attached.  Which leads to the next exciting video at my very own youtube channel, and the title of this video is "When Llamas Attack!", and can be watched beneath this paragraph...

(UPDTAE: I deleted this video when I was in a bad mood.)

polar bear fail "looks like someone didn't read the sign"

My next video  (I'm sure many of you will think of it...  as kind of a fail) was inspired by another video entitled "Kim Beom screams at yellow paint", which was not a failure, but instead very exciting.  (Anyway, the Kim Beom vid has since been yoinked off the internets, so sadly you may never see it now.)

Oh yeah.  Now I remember more about  how I came up with the idea for MY new screaming vid.....

Ya see, I was having a brief conversation on twitter with of all people... Deepak Chopra.  (Not on my main twitter account, but on  which is usually run by my goat mascott, but not on this day.)

No I am not making this up...

As Yanni once said, "The greatest symphony every written began with a single note."  Or maybe Morgan Freeman was the one who said that.  But that is neither here, nor there...

Homer Simpson demotivational poster (via the internets)

And with that, our journey for today finally comes to a brilliant close.

Once again, thank you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

new meme:  the follow-your-dreams dog

Stay classy, Chicago!


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