Friday, August 2, 2013

Justin Bieber is Accused of Spitting on Fans, Smosh is Accused of Scamming Fans, and Spider-Man is Accused of Diabeetus

Diet Coke FAIL gif (found on the internets)

Have you heard about the latest controversy that our young hero, Justin Bieber, has got himself embroiled in lately?  It seems he is being accused of spitting on his very own fans...  the Beliebers. And, welp, that story is what will be leading with in our tradional Friday blog post here at 

So, you are probably asking,  "If you are leading with Bieber, why am I looking at a gif of a bottle of Diet Coke exploding onto this poor little girl, you idiot??"  The answer to that is quite simple.  As you can plainly see, I wrote in the caption "Diet Coke FAIL gif."  Diet Coke and FAILURE are two things that I have had plenty of in my life...  So yes, I decided to lead with them both.

But as Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves would say, "that is neither here, nor there."  Back to the Biebs...   Long story short, TMZ published these pictures of what is supposedly Justin Bieber standing on a balcony of some sort, hocking a loogie onto his adoring fans below.  Many people became outraged when they saw these photographs.  A tumblr blogger going by the name of kasilynnehi (SEE: wrote a very damning essay condemning the Biebs for his atrocious behavior.  It was probably the most stunning public rebuke of Kidrauhl, since Hitler laid into him, and let him have it not so long ago.  (SEE:  Hitler gives evil speech attacking Justin Bieber ).

check out this Justin Bieber "DEAL WITH IT!" gif I made (Hopefully this creation of mine will go viral, and it will finally be the big break I need to make this blog famous.  Or will it at least make Justin famous?  Oh, wait....  He already is.)

Anywho, Justin's representatives shot back against TMZ's charges and said (paraphrasing). "No no no!  Justin didn't spit on his fans.  He brought them hot chocolate!"  Bieber's people claimed the pictures were "super-imposed."  TMZ re-shot back when they heard that stuff, and said (paraphrasing),  "Don't be ridiculous!  You can't make this stuff up!"

Well, TMZ, I am going to show you just how easy it is to make stuff up.  Now, check out my other latest new creation (which if there is even the slightest shred of justice on the internets, will go viral and make this blog quasi-famous) down below...

Justin Bieber spits on his fans. " In the Way" Guy tries to dodge the phlegm, as McKayla Maroney looks on (unimpressed as usual).

It's a meme (or something) of Bieber spitting on his fans, while "In the Way" Guy tries to get out of the way, and McKayla stands there, totally unimpressed by what's going on.  But you probably read that in the caption. 

And it seems that Justin Bieber isn't the only superstar being accused of treating his fans shabbily.  The youtube superstar duo Smosh is being charged with "scamming" their fans.  Not by me.  Oh no!  It was MrRepzion, and then NateTalkstoYou.  Actually, the representative of, (part-time sports analyst and full time athletic supporter) Jake Brickhead jumped to Smosh's defense in a video on my channel...

new Smosh meme (ft. "100% RISK FREE" guy)

It wasn't explained in the video why my sports analyst was hosting a vid about youtubers, and I still can't explain it.  But if you are truly interested in this whole sordid affair go watch SMOSH SCAMS FANS??? (ft. NateTalksToYou & Wilford Brimley) .  and read the description. It will tell you everything you need to know.

100% RISK FREE guy pops up in "Beach Party Shark Attack"  (newly invented meme)

The whole business may seem like a lot of ridiculous youtube drama to you guys.  At least one good thing did come out of it though...  It gave me an idea for a new meme:  the "100% RISK FREE" Guy.  It probably won't catch on, so I am not going to waste my time (or yours) attempting to explain it...

newly invented Wilford Brimley (and Spider-Man) "out of nowhere" meme

And yeah...  so I made another Wilford Brimley video too.  (SEE:  DIABEETUS: Spiderman vs. Wilford Brimley )

Anywho, that's about all we have time for today...

"COURT DISMISSED...  BRING IN THE DANCING LOBSTERS"  Amanda Bynes meme (from the internets)

Once again, thank you and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


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