Friday, October 4, 2013

"#Hashtag" w/ Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake AND Shane Dawson's Lady Gaga "Applause" spoof (REVIEWS & REACTIONS by our beloved Wilford Fungus and the highly esteemed Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves)

the "deal with it" girl gif from the internets

So, it came to pass that the first ever episode of Friday Open Forum Video Discussion (Or Whatever It's Called) was produced, thanks to the combined efforts of the beloved Wilford Fungus, and the very distinguished Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves III.  The title of this tremendous contribution to the youtube community is "Hashtag" w/ Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake and Shane Dawson's Lady Gaga "Applause" spoof REVIEWS.

As you may have gathered by now, the topics of this very first episode of the Friday Forum Open Video Discussion and Round-Table (Or Whatever It's Called) are 2 very important videos of the internets  "#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga - Applause (Official) PARODY.


At this point, you may have a question, or you may be wondering, about some of the material I have been posting in this entry...

I HAS THE DUMB dumb cat meme

Usually, the memes and pictures I post are related, or have something to do with the topic of my blog.  My brain has kind of stopped working so I am just sort of posting randomly at this point...

THEY SEE US ROLLIN' THEY BE HATIN' haters gonna hate meme

So, in conclusion, let me just say...try to watch the video...  and try to leave a comment on your thoughts and feelings regarding that video.

ancient aliens expert Giorgio Tsoukalos (just because)

Once again, thank you all, and please remember to support your local zoo.

theatrical movie poster for Tommy Wiseau's "The Room"

Stay classy, Chicago!


  1. I know how you feel as far as your brain dying on you Jimmy. I'm not doing too good and so my brain is just giving up on me. It's very unfortunate.

    1. You should have a smarty party to get your brain working again.

  2. "People are trying to destroy me but I cannot be destroyed". A weird combination of paranoia and delusions of invulnerability. If Lady G says things like that she has no need of videos mocking her, not that I understood why or how she was being mocked by the video. What I'd really like to know is whether the picture in the background at 3.20 was of Karen Carpenter.

    1. No, Gorilla. It's Shane Dawson. Though there is a slight resemblance between the 2, now that you mention it.

  3. My brain is also dying on me. But that's probably due to overwork and lack of sleep.

  4. I might not always agree with Wilford Fungus but he's great! No problem with his brain, maybe all you guys with brain troubles just need some prune juice.

    1. Prune juice is the cure for everything.