Friday, January 3, 2014

The Best of Grumpy Cat: The Best Grumpy Cat Memes and Gifs You Will Ever Come Across on Your Travels Through the Grumpiness of the Intertubes

the famous Grumpy Cat in all his glory (via the internets)

Let's ring in the New Year with one of the greatest heroes of the internets...

newly invented Forrest Gump/Grumpy Cat HAPPY NEW YEAR meme

...the legendary Grumpy Cat.

I will post the best Grumpy Cat memes and gifs I have found on my travels through the tubes of the interwebs, and you will enjoy them.  I had a hand in making a couple of these or so, but for the most part I must give credit to the great unsung geniuses of the web, who make these memes, and then pass them along simply for the satisfaction of knowing they have entertained us (or whatever their motivations are...who the hell knows?)

Alright, kids...   let's get to it...

beautiful Grumpy Cat wallpaper (created by some unknown genius)

Grumpy Cat at Disneyland with Grumpy Dwarf (via

Grumpy Kitten "whoever woke me up is going to die" (via the web)

Grumpy Cat vs. Smiles Are Contagious Cat (via the internets)

rare footage of Grumpy Cat smiling (via the internets)

Grumpy Cat smiles when petted gif (via the web)

Grumpy Cat "YOU'RE AN IDIOT"  (via the intertubes)

a grumpy cat slams the bathroom door to get some privacy (via niknak79.tumblr)

Grumpy Cat "I'm With Stupid" (via the internets)

Grumpy Cat: GOOD GOOD  LET THE GRUMPY FLOW THROUGH YOU (via the internets)

Darth Vader finds the purrfect kitty...  Grumpy Cat (created by an unknown genius)

Darth "Grumpy Cat" Vader (via the internets)

"twinkle twinkle little star" - Grumpy Cat Version

Grumpy Cat and the Kool-Aid Kid (via the internets)

this parallel Grumpy Cat universe version of the great Wilford Brimley stars in this newly invented GrumpyCat w/ DIABEETUS 

Grumpy Cat on romance (via the internets)

Grumpy Cat/Titanic meme "PUSH HER"  (via the internets)

Grumpy Cat likes bacon apparently (via the internets)

your secrets are safe with Grumpy Cat (via the intertubes)

And with that we end our journey through the grumpy side of the internets.  Once again thank you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


  1. As much as I love Grumpy Cat I can't help but feel a little bad for the poor guy. He just seems so grumpy and because everyone celebrates and loves how moody he is, I don't know if he's going to be allowed to be happy.

    1. Yes, Grumpy Cat is kind of between a rock and a hard place. The pressure on him to be Grumpy ALL THE TIME must be enormous.

    2. Grumpy Cat is Female....

  2. Some of these pictures have been doctored and I'm not sure I approve. If you were a cat, would you like someone altering pictures of your face to make it look more smiley or frowny? You might not like it even if you weren't a cat.

    Are there any grumpy cat pictures with Catwoman? That's seems like a obvious joke which the people who create these pictures may have overlooked.

    1. They haven't been doctored, Gorilla. Grumpy Cat really does look that grumpy. After a quick search on google, I can't find a Grumpy Cat meme featuring Catwoman... though there are some Batman ones.

  3. That was a fun journey through Grumpy Cat past. I had a ball. Somehow you got all funny ones when I don't like those on the Facebooks.

    1. Yeah. When I try to do one of these, I try to post only the very best, unlike the big sites which just randomly post anything and everything.

  4. I bought my Mom the Grumpy Cat book for Christmas. She was fairly amused.

  5. Jimmy, these were great! I laughed all the way through it. And I can relate. Almost without fail my cat wakes up grumpy. Maybe I should get him a Darth Vader hat.

  6. Man those grumpy cat pics were awesome! I'm grining like an idiot! He's the Oscar the Grouch of the Animal Kingdom!!

    1. "Oscar the Grouch of the Animal Kingdom"... great point. Well, Bersercules... I hope you made another video, because I have nachos... and I like to eat nachos while watching your vids.

  7. Please tell me that that isnt grumpy cat ACTUALLY SMILING they have been photoshopped? and yes i know im stupid jeez