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Friday, May 30, 2014

AND SO I RETURN... Subjects Covered in this Post 1.) Goals For This Summer 2.) My Magnum Opus of Memes 3.) Wilford Brimley 4.) Kermit the Frog 5.) Other Stuff

John Ritter "Three's Company" and pug reaction gif

Hello again, true believers.  I am back (after a brief hiatus in which I have been working on some very important stuff).  As you hopefully saw in the title, in this post I will be discussing some of my goals for this coming summer.  If you read Mark Noyce's you may remember he is always talking about creating a magnum opus.  But I give Mark a lot of plugs, so this time I will give a shout-out to Michael D'Agostino of  who gave me one a few weeks back.  He doesn't have a lot of comments on his blog...  I think because you have to log in to your Google + to comment, and no one wants to do that.  So stop being so damn lazy and go over to Michael's blog and leave some comments.  But as Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves would say, "That is neither here, nor there." 

So, yeah, this summer I am planning on getting back into making the youtube videos.  Not in this post though.  So let me talk about one of my other goals, which is to further promulgate Wilford Brimley memes across the vast expanse of the internets.  Wait, look....  here are 2 new ones right now...

"YOU'VE JUST BEEN BRIMLEYED" by this NEW arctic Wilford Brimley meme

new, exciting "Wilford Brimley OUT OF NOWHERE!" meme (CLICK ON IT TO SEE IT IN ALL IT'S MAJESTY)

Okay then... those are 2 new ones.  You can let me know if you think they are HOT or NOT...

new "HOT or NOT" goat meme thing/whatever it is

So, I was actually going to embark on making my magnum opus of memes this week by making an elaborate gif about the life and times of Kermit the Frog all set to Neil Diamond lyrics...

new MINDF*CK gif starring Kermit the Frog and Benedict Cumberbatch (with help from outerspacecake.tumblr and the internets)

But that was too DAMN much work, so instead I made this meme you are hopefully looking at below...

A guy like me doesn't get a lot of compliments, but hopefully someone out there will like this at least...  I hope.

Welp, that's about all I've got to say right now.  I will kindly show myself the door...

NEW Kilngon/Star Trek GTFO gif


  1. Ahh Star Trek. How I love thee. Good luck with the videos Jimmy. Just put work into it and you can make it happen. One of the worst parts about doing anything online is building up that fanbase, and getting that notoriety, but it's definitely possible and worth it.

    Or at least, I assume so.

    1. You ain't lyin', Mark. Self-promotion and building up a fanbase is the key.. I am sure that's how Kermit the Frog and the Klingons got to where they are today too.

  2. Ah, I remember Worf's little boy! Wasn't he one-quarter human? He kept on misbehaving, but Deanna Troy's mother had a soft spot for him. I'm pretty sure they shared a hot tub.

    The Kermit / Neil Diamond idea was a great one! There's a line in Song Sung Blue you could change to:

    "Funny thing, but you can sing it with a croak in your voice".

    That's my contribution. I have full confidence in your ability to do the rest.

    1. Haha. Sorry, I really don't know that much about Star Trek, but I will take your work on what you told me about Worf. As far as the Neil Diamond-Kermit the Frog memes, I think I will take a break from that for awhile... except when I have time, I want to shoop a crown onto the frog's head. Do you think that's a good idea?

  3. Thanks for the shout out!

    I used to have another blog with a lot more activity but I disappeared for a while and all the bloggers I was friends with moved on.

    Nellie Vaughn, Lady in Red, Jax, my good buddy Rusty... It's kinda lonley now... :(

    1. I knew most of those bloggers and miss them too. I think Nellie Vaughn has a wordpress blog now... I don't know if she updates it regularly though.

  4. Replies
    1. I'm sorry, Gorilla. You can thank that evil troll Jervaise Brook Hamster Whatshisface for me having to put these massive barriers of security in my comments section. Hamster Head I hope you are proud of yourself.





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