Friday, September 19, 2014

It's Off to the Races with Two New Video Reviews of "Sandwiching People" by Cameron Dallas & Nash Grier AS WELL AS "That's What She Said" by the Janoskians (featuring Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves and his panel of experts)

Japonies gif (see: Vinesauce Studyguy - Japonies 2014 

Welp,  it's time once again for exciting youtube channel reviews with the highly esteemed Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves.

Cameron Dallas in "Sandwiching People" gif

Since you, gentle reader, probably have not had time to watch every single video on the whole damn internets, I will post some clips to get you acquainted.

"Sandwiching People" Cameron Dallas

"That's What She Said" The Janoskians

HELP ME OBI WAN cat meme

As you can imagine, Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves needed all the help he could get to review these videos, so he called in a panel of experts.  Well, just watch the video below... it explains everything...


Alrighty then, so leave me some lovely comments and let me know what you thought of this week's video.  Oh!  And before I forget, let me give a shoutout to Michael D'Agostino who challenged me to the Ice Bucket uhhh...Challenge at A Life Examined...

See, I wasn't making this up.  There are people who actually do talk about me on their blogs.  So go over to Michael's blog and show him some love as well.

Once again, thank you and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


  1. I believe The Janoskians come from my home city of Adelaide. Sorry we couldn't contain them :P Thanks for the shout out! I now get to be one of the videos on your blog! And I'm also a label!

    1. Right! I don't think even I'm a label, so it's a great honor.

  2. I think I've talked about you a couple of times over at my place. I should probably do that more but I'm aware of my own very limited reach. I have a hard enough time convincing myself it's worth promoting my own work over there. Good job on making not one, but two videos Jimmy.

    1. You've mentioned me quite a few times I think.

  3. The name 'Cameron Dallas' looks incredibly fake to me, but the internet says he's a real person, so who am I to argue? They do seem to target comely young ladies for their sandwiching prank, but the wearing of body cushions might reassure these maidens that they're not going to be molested. Can you think of a better way of reassuring a girl that she's not going to be molested?

    1. I'm sure there are many ways to "reassure" a young lady besides dressing up as bread (but I can't think of one right now).