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Friday, September 5, 2014

"The Fappening" is the Worst Thing to Happen in a Good Long Time; Also, the First Ever Episode of GOSSIP GOAT STRIKES BACK, and a Youtuber Round Table Discussion with Wilford Fungus

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Well, kids...   one of the worst things to ever happen in this history of the internets happened this past week.  It seems Jennifer Lawrence and a whole slew of very important people had their photos hacked off their ICloud phone thingies (or whatever an ICloud is...I'm not sure, I can't afford one), and it has caused one hell of a commotion.

CNN's foremost technology expert Brett Larson blames "the hacker known as 4Chan" for the leaked JLaw photos

The corporate media has been trying to blame "the hacker known as 4chan", but we don't jump to conclusions like that on this blog.  We have some journalistic integrity around this place...

Which is the perfect segue into the very first ever episode of GOSSIP GOAT STRIKES BACK starring Gossip Goat.  Check it out below...

But the leaked Jennifer Lawrence photos aren't all we're going to talk about in this post.  Also, this week on my youtube channel, another exciting episode of WILFORD FUNGUS FOR AMERICA...


A British kid talking about someguy827 talking about the AmazingAtheist talking about Justin Bieber (or something like that)

In this week's episode, Wilford Fungus and company tackle the rise of an up and coming YouTube superstar who goes by the alias BurnCoalition.  Well,  just watch...

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