Friday, November 7, 2014

Walmart Troll Attempts "Epic Leap" Into Our Hearts (but may have ended up in jail instead): A TALE OF OBTAINING INTERNET FAME IN ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG MANNER

"epic leap" cat gif (see:  Cat Makes Epic Leap)

Hello again loyal supporters, and random people who stumbled upon this website through pure happenstance.  I know I ruined everybody's Halloween by not posting last week, but I plan to make up for it this time...

Nash Grier (pictured right), and on the left is some guy from Star Wars, I don't know who he is

The subject of this week's post concerns some "wannabe gangster children in Boise, Idaho (who) trash a Walmart with zero regard for other's jobs or property."  Well words can not express to you so eloquently as actual video footage from the site LiveLeak,soooo...  the name of the video in question is "Little Asshole Antagonizes a Walmart for no reason", and it is posted below for your viewing unpleasure...

"and not a single f*ck was given that day" monkey gif

Why would anyone want to act in such a deplorable manner?  Welp, some of the comments at a posting of the same video at LiveLeak's  youtube channel (see Little A*sshole Antagonizes a Walmart for no reason - video) suggest that such raucous behavior impresses girls...

Doge "super hot chicks" secks ad (via the internets)

However, I would not advise that you follow the example set by the "little a$$holes" in these videos.  But,  you weren't going to listen to me anyway...were you?

Well, whatever.  In this emergency episode of "WAKE UP AMERICA" (via my very own youtube channel) American patriot Wilford Fungus tells you exactly what he thinks of these horrendous events.  He is joined by the distinguished Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves, and his holiness Moses Fungus.  Just watch (if you want to):

And with that we conclude this week's trek through the internets.

Thor:  "thunder god"

Once again thank you, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!


  1. The problem here isn't the wannabe is the existence of Walmart. There is obviously some magical gas secreting from the doors that attracts the crazies!! I'll stick to Target where I am not afraid I will get jumped. I mean, MushyFace is too young to fight and I am just to small. Haha :)

    1. Oh wow, Jax... I'm surprised to hear that.. I always thought you were a superhero!

    2. Lol if I was a superhero, walmart would be a great place to start!!! Haha

  2. Well, that punk badly needed to be lifted upside down by his ankles. Don't Walmart employ security guards to perform these necessary tasks? Anyway, Moses Fungus sounds more like the Mysterons than the last guy on your blog who sounded like the Mysterons. Do you remember the Mysterons?

    1. Gorilla, Walmart has security, but it's not exactly like the Avengers are standing by. That little rascal is just lucky Thor wasn't around when he was engaging in his shenanigans.

      I remember you telling me about the Mysterions, and I looked them up at youtube. Seemed like a pretty cool show.

  3. I think the worst part about people being dicks to get internet famous is that it actually works a lot of the time.

    1. Yes, Mark. On the internet, and sometimes in life in general.

  4. Wow. I hated that Wallmart kid within 2 seconds of viewing that clip. I am positive Tosh.0 has already contacted him.

  5. Thanks to this upcoming generation of kids, no newborn child will ever be named Molly again. Which is a shame, I love that name :P